Gorgeous Photography By Lemisiewicz Tomasz

Gorgeous Photography By Lemisiewicz Tomasz

I know a lot of people are on the Instagram kick right now. Even when shooting with normal DSLRs, they still like the look of the rustic, old, grainy photos. So if you like Instagram style photos, these is for you. If not, there is nothing to see here, move along.

"Lemisiewicz Tomasz is is a photographer from Poland, whose special attention to often over-looked details and perfection in incorporating just the right texture to the right photo have become the signature that sets his work apart and make it stand out from the rest."

via - thedphoto.com

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These "fantastic photography" posts have all been instagram and overprocessing recently. I know you mentioned if you don't like it, move along, well this isn't "gorgeous photography".

Food at an angle on a table isn't new or exciting, nor are these textures anything more than a 5$ pack you can buy online, same goes for the film filters.

What kind of photography would you like to see more of? More high end commercial stuff, more fashion, strobist, celebrity or editorial ect...?

Any of the above, I mostly am interested in portrait shoots, wether for advertisements or fashion or just concept shoots, but even the posts about cars and landscape time lapses will get a reading from me. 

I appreciate you replying to me though. Thank you.

there are some beautiful images in this. To each his own. 

To each his own, my dude. There are some fantastic shots here. And it really is visually appealing.

Wow... Instagram really has ruined art.  Clearly none of these pictures are taken with an iPhone and are REALLY, REALLY gorgeous.  Great composition, great subject matter, nice touches with textures (not overdone), color (and lack of) is great, etc... Yet, you guys are looking at these as junk instagram crap.  These types of photos existed LONG before instacrap.  And comparing instacrap to professional (even novice) photography is dumb in itself.

Beautiful pics, soft and somewhat haunting, colour treatment works nicely, but i feel the photos are ruined with the texture that has been applied. 

I like these pics a lot, extremely moody.

Rebecca, I do see a certain trend in inspirational posts though: they're all really dreamy, nature-ish and such. Take also the self-portraits that are on the front page now. Stuff is kinda starting to resemble each other...

I do believe i am one of the top instagram photo haters..
BUT, i have to admit, some of these photographs are beautiful. They evoke an emotion!
And that's what photography is all about, a picture that brings emotion, a feeling, out of the viewer.
Some of these do just that.
I like this post, well done, and great find.

to each his own i guess... i like them a lot....

Excessive post-processing has always been an issue with me. I don't know much about Instagram but some of these images remind of old Polaroids (perhaps that's its purpose) and hand-colored images I produced years ago. Some do evoke emotion with mundane subjects. And photography is about bringing a newness and fresh viewpoint to the mundane and everyday. And is answer to Rebecca's question, I like to see all kinds of photography so whatever you have will be fine!

forget the nay sayers...beautiful work