Great Images Using Powder As a Prop

Great Images Using Powder As a Prop

Earlier today Zach Sutton posted a creative way to use baby powder as a smoke replacement for your photoshoots. Now we're taking that to a different level. Have you ever tried to shoot powder as just, you know, plain powder? By throwing powder (flour, baby powder or color pigments) on your models, you can get some very creative results. Check out these great examples found on Flickr and get inspired.

Have you ever used powder as a prop for your photoshoots? Share your results in the comments or on our Facebook Group!

Photo: David Talley .

in and of earth
Photo: Brooke Shaden.

The Princess of Colour
Photo: Luke Takes Photos.

The Bakers Wife
Photo: Emma Reid.

Photo: Harry McArthur.

Photo: Marios Tziortzis.

Photo: Alex Stoddard.

Flour Power
Photo: Jeremy Lusk.

Photo: Elizabeth James.

Photo: nickmastrini.

Singing blues has been getting old.
Photo: SierraRosePhotography.

Photo: pmcsk.

That Feeling In Your Chest....
Photo: Nico Nordström.

Photo: Jen Linfield.

Model Lilli
Photo: Benjamin B.

Photo: Don Horne.

Rainbow Child.
Photo: Ellenor Daisy.

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I did a shot with a dancer using flower and some choice lighting set ups a while back and the shots, while messy, came out incredibly!

Lorenzo P's picture

Great post

Did these about a year ago, Best to light the flour from behind. I had 2 Alienbees with large gridded soft boxes behind (one on each side. One small 580exII in a beauty dish for a touch of front fill. It is VERY messy and each image takes a minute or 2 to set up. Some enhancing the contrast of the flour with Nik colour efex (tonal contrast). For some I used both flour and gold glitter. The different specular qualities made some interesting effects. I printed these very large and they formed the main part of my 1st gallery show.

Hi everyone, taking inspiration from this post here is a shoot i made hope you like it. Any comments and critics are accepted