He's Fine...Probably. [Self-Portraits By Kerry Skarbakka]

He's Fine...Probably. [Self-Portraits By Kerry Skarbakka]

Kerry Skarbakka wants to show you what it's like to give up control. Wired recently featured Kerry's self-portraits from his photo series "The Struggle to Right Oneself" where Kerry captures himself "when he looks most compromised." And yes, he's fine.

What's amazing about these images is that they aren't trickery. He finds a location he likes, then figures out the "safest" way to fall there. Kerry tries to keep the falls under seven feet and uses a rope when he has to. He frames the shots, then has someone (typically his girlfriend) push the shutter. Some people may argue semantics about him not actually taking the photo and them not being technically "self" portraits, but let's be honest - the images are his vision, he sets them up and he falls. Repeatedly. This guy is ballsy.

If you happen to be in the Los Angeles area, you can view an exhibition of his work at the Kopeikin Gallery coming in May.

Oh, and kids, don't try this at home.











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A BTS video of these would be amazing...and probably hilarious.

Photoshop 100%

 No way!! ;)

Last one is me I hate getting shower na a bath 

A few are obviously 'shopped , but a few of the I can see as being legit.