How Much More "Art" Like This Can The World Take?

How Much More "Art" Like This Can The World Take?

Let me start out by saying this is not a personal attack on any particular individual, nor on the photographer that created these images, Soren Dahlgaard. I get that art lies, at the very least, in the eye of it's creator. However, sometimes I run across stuff online that is labeled "art" and it makes me just shake my head. Enough ranting, here is one series that I stumbled upon that gave me said feeling, and I wanted to share some of this photographers dough head "art" with you. Enjoy! (I mean, if you can I guess)

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That last one kind of tells it all.

My first thought exactly

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I want to complain about this post, being unhappy that you can criticize someone like this, but then I look at it. I do not at all understand what they were thinking. dough head? weird.

sweet jesus...

The photographer was obviously on a mission here... Good on him.

But what are these photos saying?


I know how you feel sometimes. I actually cringed when i recognized the last two images were taken in Vancouver...You can almost literally throw a rock here and hit 5 people along the way who have this overbearing sense of "excuse me, I am an artist!".

The last picture is my comment for this "Art".

I'm not a huge fan either, but the images do resonate with me a little: Suffocation, malleability, blank canvases, melting masks. Maybe, you see something in this work as well, maybe you don't. And if you don't, just leave it be. There is really no need for bashing someone who is trying to be original. 

I find it immensely interesting that there seems to be a long-standing internal conflict amongst photographers about the role of art in photography. Is photography art? Are photographers artists? Some photographers I know are even proud of the fact not to call themselves artists, others are artists who use photography as a mere means to express and don't give it more or less meaning then, say, a paint brush. And again others say, there's nothing worse than boring studio portrait photographers that have no sense of originality. 

It all depends on where you stand personally. Don't judge others for their different approach. 

For me, there HAS to be a line, just like in all things. I believe in expression, but today, there is an overwhelming use of "art" as a catalyst to be complete and utter morons just to get away with it. To me it falls with people with power and money creating at and getting rich off nothing more than there total lack of understanding of how art works in the brain. Does it help society or hurt it? Does it even express anything, or does it make the mindless primeval part of your brain think random thoughts to fill the void?  The Mona Lisa is art for a reason, this is pizza dough on somebodies head, with no consistency in character, color, emotion, subject, lighting, nothing, it evokes no proper emotion. I'm personally insulted by things like this. Why? Who am I to say that? Simple, there is a line, when it's crossed it becomes insulting to the form itself. (That being artwork as a form and function whether it be a hobby or a profession) I'm be no means saying art is only one thing and isn't expressive, it is in fact just that. But all things follow a natural balance even if it allows for new and interesting approaches, but this is plain and simple dough on somebodies head, if it's art, it's art from a 3rd grader because that is the level of thought approach and understanding for this "subject."

I didn't want to look at this article...........but I did.  I wish I hadn't :(

Least favourite fstoppers post ever. It reads as just an opinionated rant to me. And it's not cool to avoid crediting the artist, though I understand why you did.

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This makes you uncomfortable, but art sometimes does that. I don't get why you're ripping into this photographer; I'm sure whoever this is is feeling pretty crappy that such a popular site is calling them not-an-artist. 

I wonder how this would've been regarded if Andy Warhol or Cindy Sherman would've done it.

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Or on the other side, if Terry Richardson had done it. 

well, since the author didn't even have the courtesy to research why the photographer created the series...and share that reason with us...then I'll just have to assume it was created to garner attention...

WELL DONE ANONYMOUS PHOTOGRAPHER!'ve managed to get the attention of a very popular photography blog...enjoy the fruits of your labor!

I agree with Benny... 
but wish to add "lazy, and un-educated"...
Lazy because the author clearly didn't research the artists intentions.
Uneducated... well... for the same reason.

Then again.. perhaps the author created this article...not to educate but to raise some controversy...and reel in some attention.
therefore...I won't be sharing this article.

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You're a writer on a popular photo blog... Get off your soap box and write something I want to read or I won't be coming back. This isn't your personal FB page, put some thought into your random rants.

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I'm going to have to agree that this is bad, but also agree that this is not the best Fstoppers post. let them make bad art if that's what they want. there is tons of art i see that looks bad that has a $1 million dollar price tag on it and is being sold. No need to try publicly humiliate the artist! 

Why is this even on Fstoppers?  Where is an editor when you need one?  Is the last photo of Corey?  It is, right?

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he should have shaped the dough into a stormtropper helmet..... then it would have been art. lol!

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Man people are trolling hard. haha If you don't like a post, or don't want to read something... then don't read it. This is a blog. Not a payed education for your personal self. If you were paying these guys for a class or if this was some sort of online payed education a post like this would warrant a comment of disbelief. Get over yourselves, enjoy the funny crap in the world. I believe this post would have made you chuckle if you weren't so emotionally constipated, tho I believe you are all emotionally constipated because your overgrown ego of a head is stuck up your asses.

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It's "paid".

 yeah...they do get paid.  Although I wouldn't pay for this post, I'd send a bill.

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Everyone is so politically correct these days. Even though some of you say you don't like this series of photographs, you still defend the "artist". I miss the days when if your work sucked, people would tell you it sucks. This work sucks. You need to hear that so that next time you feel the need to express yourself through your work, you reach further down, pull out your creativity and show those people that you can do better, and you are a better artist than they think.

Another thing I can't understand is the mentioning of why this is on fstoppers, or this is not the best fstoppers post. It's like you guys hold fstoppers to the standards of a political or breaking world news website. It's a site about photography FFS. At least each article is pertinent to the field of photography and the issues that plague our art form or help it for that matter. Unlike some of those political and news websites which will throw in articles about reality star's personal lives, or post blatant lies to its readers.

I'd be a hypocrite if I said all that and turned around to say that you couldn't criticize the author for posting this but I mean c'mon he barely wrote anything. There's more pictures than there are sentences in this post.

At the end of the day, you choose what you read. Nobody holds a gun to your head to read these articles. Let's get back to more critiquing and less complaining.

Couldn't have said it better. So much whining! It's like I'm reading comments posted by sleepy 3 year olds past their bed times. But I can't stop reading trollers comments :P

When did Fstoppers go from being BTS and tutorial related site to a site posting childish rants about everything they don't like?

I'm kind of digging this series, actually. Without a natural face, you are left learning about the subject from their posture, clothing, props, etc. I also like how organic the dough looks, and how it's uniquely shaped to each person's head. 

I also found a YouTube video about the series:

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who is to decide what 'art' actually is? criticising is easy, specially without knowing the intention of the artist. It would have been much better to have posted the youtube video as such

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Fstoppers is slowly turning into a pop culture aggregate like buzzfeed, what happened to the real content?

What happened to the "Video Blog for Creative Professionals"?

I feel that the dough represents the moldability that the youth experience. How one's character and morals are so easily shaped by their experiences. Just kidding, I think a photographer put dough on their models head to be different. Unforunately, this is the state of fine art...Nonsensical actions and combinations, that can be written off with some ambiguous statement as to what they represent. The bad part is the people who pretend to see this false depth.

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So you've found some crap photography and decided to put it on one of the largest photography blogs on the internet?


And why are so many recent updates nothing more than mediocre personal rants? 

This is literally the worst post in the history of this website. 

Because of my personal issue with Corey in general, this won't be taken seriously, I know, but I really mean it when I say this was worthless to the point where I actually feel slightly insulted that I would be expected to derive entertainment from such drivel.

Is this the effort your readership are worth?

Jesus. I'd rather you just ran that update you planned to do about me and all my "nasty comments". It'd be better than this shit.