"The Impossible Family Portrait" A Heart Warming Ad Campaign From Skype

The Impossible Family Portrait is the latest ad campaign from Skype, which tells the story of Denis, a man who left his native land of Uganda with $5 in his pocket to travel to America. The concept gives the viewer the warm fuzzies while revealing the story of how he and his family stay connected through Skype. 

Ad agency Pereira & O’Dell and John Clang created the latest campaign to showcase the various ways that Skype connects families across the globe using its service. The family portrait concept is a great idea and the videos are well executed. Even though beneath the layers we are being sold a service, it it still worthy of watching.

Two other elements of the new marketing push that are worth a look are The Animal Family Portrait - The story of zookeepers across the globe staying in contact through Skype and The Growing Up Family Portrait - The story of two family members on different continents staying connected. All are similarly executed with video projections onto walls with the subject being photographed using the video chat service.


Via Advertising Age

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http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2012/06/03/magazine/skype-portraits.h... This technique was highlighted by The New York Times last year

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So? Im sure others havent seen it.

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Warm fuzzies received.

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I loved this! It would be interesting to hear the whole story behind why he came to the US alone, and why he hasn't gone back yet.

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