Inside The Fire By Zbigniew Wantuch

Inside The Fire By Zbigniew Wantuch

So with the summer being over and winter quickly on its way, take a look at these, they will warm you right up.

"Zbigniew Wantuch is an up and coming photographer who was born in Poland and lives in Norway - typically taking photos of the deep Arctic, including beautiful auroras. Currently working as photojournalist for Hammerfestingen - a local newspaper in northernmost town in the World, Hammerfest. He specializes in pictures of hard working people and industrial photography, while pursuing challenging projects world wide."

"The following series "Inside the Fire" was taken in cooperation with a local firefighter brigade in Hammerfest. He was allowed to go into the burning building to document how the fire develops and how does the work of a fireman looks from a first person perspective."

Would you put your gear in this sort of situation to get the shot?

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Christopher Hoffmann's picture

I would love to have that opportunity.

Andrew Griswold's picture

Whatever it takes to get the shot. I give a lot of respect to the men and woman that fight fires including my own family members. I will also give the photographer here the props for throwing himself in there to get those shots. Just stunning work

i do this now in rural New York state with the various departments now and I love it. as do the firemen on my department. We use them as investigation materials and training materials.

David Arthur's picture

What gear did he have to wear? I'm sure they didn't let him in without firefighting gear, but how can you take pictures with those big bulky gloves?


I got full firefighters gear (jacket, helmet, oxygen mask and so on), when I went inside the house. If you lay down on the floor you can actually take the gloves off, becouse it's not that hot - and that's what I did. 

Thanks for asking!
Zbigniew Wantuch

Only Polish can do it !!!


Awesome work, my fellow countryman! :-) To pluck up the courage, it's not just taking some photos, this is more...
Good luck pursuing your photographic goals!