Inspiring Photography By Lorena Arance

Inspiring Photography By Lorena Arance

"Ever since I was young I’ve always had the urge to preserve moments of my life. First by keeping a journal, then by collecting smells into little boxes (though that did not work very well as you can imagine, still for a little girl that was very disappointing).

I need to capture moments because it is the only way to remember them, to keep them alive and palpable in my soul. It is the only way to stop that moment in time and cherish it forever. With photos you can do that, time and time again. It’s like magic.
I always carry my film camera with me. I love natural light and to photograph the simplicity of the things of everyday life." - Lorena Arance

How do you feel about these?

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I really love the look of film..

Is it film, or VSCO Film?

What cam, lens and film was used? Great photos, they have a great feel to it!

VSCO me thinks.



they have similar names, too...


meh.. It's okay, but a bit dull in the long run.. There are some gems among the photos though. Tiny gems :)

Yeah - nice but I wouldn't call them inspiring.

I would have to agree with you there

Meh. Photos like these are a dime a dozen on Tumblr.

not bad if you intend to sell these in a coffee shop.

They look like iphone5 instagram photos

I love it when people take pictures of 'stuff' in their lives. I really want to do this but I never think about it or know what to shoot.

Somebody has an affinity for circles and plants.

These are so materialistic and not oriented over peoples or emotions, and I really dislike when I see a picture with a head cut off, I bet it would be way more interesting with it in the frame

hello! I just saw this post about me.
I've seen a lot of criticism, I accept. I feel  people do not like what I photograph... sorry for all of you.
I have five years taking pictures with my film camera (minolta 370-s). For those skeptics, yes, ALL my photos are on film.
And I can only photograph what I feel. I don´t seek a photo retouching or a brutal visual impact, just only photographing details of my daily life.
ah! I guess I would not have chosen those same photos.
happy holidays!