Inspiring Photography By Mahmoud Hiepo

Inspiring Photography By Mahmoud Hiepo

Not all photography has to fallow the rules. You don't have to shoot people, buildings, or anything in particular. If you see something that looks cool to shoot, shoot it. Thats what Mahmoud Hiepo does and does it well.

“My name is Mahmoud Hiepo, I’m 20 years old.
Photographer, amateur and have been shooting for 3 year.
I work in the field of photography.
I love color and lighting! Those two are my main focus. So I usually try to work around those two; that’s what defines my style I believe.“

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Another coffee shop photographer. I feel so inspired...

Me, too. It feels me with so much inspiration that I start to feel nauseated. Then I vomit out split tones, desaturation, vignettes, extreme depth-of-field and fake, colorful bokeh and out comes the next post for Fstoppers.

Then stop reading?

and I suppose being a regular, elitist hater is particularly original, too ? The fact that most of your own photography incorporates many of the same techniques is quite baffling - are you jealous that he's maybe better at manipulating his photographs than you are? - i'm sure that has nothing to do with it at all.

My photography doesn't incorporate any of this horse-shit fake vintage crap and these played-out techniques. The reason I know this is because manipulating images the way these were done is as easy as slapping on Lightroom presets onto the images. This work is crap.

What's hilarious is that these comments always attack the haters as being jealous. If the photos were actually good, maybe I would be jealous. Ever think of the idea that maybe the photos here just plain suck? What a thought!

So you're not counting all the instagram photos you've taken which you even have for sale on ? I'm pretty sure those presets you've used on your phone incorporate  split tones, desaturation, vignettes etc. but you're a serious photographer (obviously) so I guess you don't count your phone photographs as "real" photography (even though you're trying to sell it)

If I were to give you some creative criticism it would be to not make ignorant remarks on others work when you're clearly quite an amateur yourself (with an even worse amateur attitude)

Neither of you have made particularly original photographs - but what is original these days? I, for one, will happily accept that what I shoot isn't original or ground breaking in any way but just saying something "sucks" isn't particularly intelligent. It just shows how ignorant and close-minded your opinion of photography is.

His images are creative - he obviously has a clear vision of what he wants to do before he shoots - which is excellent. I wish I could be more like that. Do I want to create the same images? no - but I can appreciate his creative process and would definitely attempt to recreate some of the tones in his photographs, though with my own subjects.

Do I look at your photographs and see anything that inspires me - not really. But then again - I don't have to. But I can happily say that your photos don't "suck" - I may not like them or draw any inspiration from them whatsoever but I'm sure they don't "suck" - your photographs just aren't to my particular taste - not even your street/documentary style stuff.

It goes the same for music, art etc - just because it may not be to your taste - doesn't mean it "sucks". All that does is belittle anyone's creativity down a single, statutory insult which is of no benefit to anyone whatsoever.

There's a way to look at photographs and criticise without being a complete ignoramus. But I'm sure you're never going to change your attitude so I may have wasted my time. oh well.

No, dumbass. Smartphone photos with filters don't count--and even then I can outshoot this guy on my iPhone. And no one buys anything on Instacanvas.

You think taking a stupid picture of a bush and then processing the shit out of it is good photography? Haha. I can't help you.

Why don't phone photos count? you've taken a photograph with a device that has a sensor and a lens - you've then processed that image in a piece of software that has filter presets (just like Lighroom) - but for some reason because it's a phone that means they don't count?...well, alright then. you're obviously right.

And, It's not about the actual subject of the photograph - the bush is irrelevant - this shows your complete lack of understanding. You look at something and say "this sucks" and then you walk away - how wonderful it must be to be you.

I would LOVE to know what it is about your own photographs that you think are, somehow, so much better than this guys?

Your ego is quite astounding - such a shame that you don't have the images to back that ego up. 

I would pay money to see you attempt to outshoot this guy with your phone.

I'm fairly new around here and I must say, people like you are nothing but a negative force. You offer nothing constructive and can't enjoy anything for what it is. I doubt you could do nearly this good, let alone better.
Essentially, your ego is sickening.

agreed Andre. 

Jens and mmmarc, go away. 

the same, i stop reading fs because of all this dicks

The creative use of bokeh coming out of the coffee cup was particularly inspiring

yeah, I thought that one was particularly smart! Great photo. 

Some of these are extremely nice and some are extremely mediocre. Seems like the photographer needs to do a tighter edit of his portfolio. The ones with the coffee mugs en the desk should definitely be left out, while most of the nature and people shots are awesome. I also like the first one, with the rice, extremely moody. Still, why do people still photograph mugs of cappuccino? It's not like the photo isn't good or nice, but it's been done a billion times before, show us something new!

This photographer doesn't need to do a tighter edit on his portfolio because none of you are Photo editors looking to hire him.  It looks like this photographer is just having fun creating and his audience isn't a bunch of nobodies/Trolls that he feels he needs to impress.  Looks like he's just sharing and I'm glad he did, there is a lot of good in these photos.   It's funny looking at the portfolios of some of the worst critics here and seeing some of their portfolios look 1000x times worse than the work they are talking shit about.

well said!


I may have put that the wrong way: the photographer is free to do whatever he likes, but I'm just wondering why we have to see this on Fstoppers?  I totally support people experimenting and finding their style, trying things that have been done before to keep creating and develop. Nothing wrong with that. It's just not inspiring to see the billionth photo of a mug of cappuccino shared here of FS if you get my point? Let me rephrase: the poster should have done a tighter edit of this photographer's work.

The funny thing is that it's all subjective anyway, including your own interpretation of other people's work. As you rightfully say, our opinions don't really matter. unless any of us are in a position to pay or hire this photographer.

While I agree that some of there shots aren't exactly original or maybe well edited, they're generally well composed and considered in my opinion. Sure they're not to everyone's taste and possibly a bit cliche - but so is a random street shot in NY or a monkey checking another's butt. Or perhaps even the worlds first bokeh photo of a cat sitting on the bed...

incredibly beautiful!!!!  

You know, I think people who bash these type of images are usually jealous because they are too technical and hate others for taking interesting photos even though they don't know what fstop is.


Some are very clever shots, using simple elements he created interesting composition. Anyway I think there are millions of this kind of pics online, so honestly I dunno how this could be inspire me. Anyway a nice work, even if I don't like too much an entire portfolio made of "pastels photos"...

When I look at these pictures of course I feel inspired. The tones, the colors and that vintage/Instagram effect make everything dreamy. The only thing that I really miss in some of the new young photographer is a style. A clear style that´s not just a filter. But he´s so young and of course with talent that he´ll have time to find his unique style.

A very well put, professional critique. I hope the trolls learn that this is the type of critique that helps photographers and not the "These make me want to vomit" type critiques.  =)

Oh nice. Were these pulled from his instagram?

I also love when people try and define "art", as if there's a quantitative value which can be placed upon the idea of it. If we set aside the advertising market and the "industry" in general, what are we left with where filming is concerned? The act of capturing a moment. The "art" as it were, may simply exist as a means to express a moment in time, whether it be through an emotional attachment to an object or person or to tell a story, or maybe just to evoke a response? There are a ton more explanations I'm sure, but hoping you guys agree on a surface level, at least.

I totally understand not wanting to see yet another coffee mug/bokeh shot, as these certainly are standard fare within the Instagram circles, and do agree that if such shots were omitted, the portfolio might seem stronger indeed. But a lot of them would need to be cut *for me to enjoy*. The only one that speaks to me is the moody dark office with the beam of light and ironically, cup of steaming coffee. (20th shot down from the top) Though it still comes off as a product shot, mostly. That said, to each their own. So long as someone else gets something out of another persons work, I think that matters the most. Life is too short to not enjoy that which makes you truly happy. Who cares if what you like isn't part of the popular opinion club of the month? Screw that.


I think these are very well shot and give you the sense of awe