Interview With Wyn Wiley Of Wyn Wiley Photography

Interview With Wyn Wiley Of Wyn Wiley Photography

There are hundreds of thousands of photographers out there right now. Many follow the basic lighting rules, bland same old poses and boring shots. Then you have the photographers who absolutely just blow you away. Wyn is one of them. After running across him on a pinterest page, I searched for more of his work and found his blog. After looking through it for quite some time, I decided to shoot him a message on Facebook in hopes to ask him a few questions.

He quickly got back to me and here is what he had to say.

1. Tell us a little about yourself.
"My name is Wyn Wiley. I’m 20 years old and hail from the cornfields of Lincoln, Nebraska. I take photos for incredible people who make my job really exciting. With my photography, there’s no method, no niche, and no process and that’s important to me. I don't want to do any one thing. I just want to have fun shooting rad stuff and meeting good people along the way. If that’s shooting a wedding, some portraits or some cat’s portraits- sweet, I’m game. Aside from photography, I’m a student at the University of Nebraska- Lincoln and study entrepreneurship and advertising. My favorite condiment is ranch dressing and I like the smell of sunscreen."

2. What got you started in photography?
"If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I love cats. One day my junior year of high school, I picked up my dad’s camera took some pictures of my cats. THEY ARE JUST SO COOL AND CUTE OK. Then I started photographing my neighbors and a few friends’ senior pictures and it’s grown ever since. I’m still sad I don’t shoot cats all the time. If your cat has a birthday, hire me- I’ll shoot the party."

3. What style do you mainly shoot?
"I’d say my style is creative portraiture. I shoot a mix of natural light and strobe work but find that I define and redefine my style with each shoot I do. I love a new challenge and a new adventure with photography- anything I can do to push by myself and my work to be the best it can be."

4. What equipment do you use?
"I use two Canon 5D Mark II’s and my most used glass is my 45mm TS-E, 85mm f1.8, and my 35mm f1.4. I also use Alien Bees to strobe and my face to make people smile."

5. How long have you been shooting?
"A little more than 3 years."

6. Who is your biggest inspiration?
"My biggest inspirations are Jose Villa and Joel Serrato. And not only because of their incredible work but also for who they are as people. They are amazing role models for people in the gay community and have inspired me to wish for the best and to be a good person."

7. Where do you see yourself with photography in the next 5 years?
"It’s hard to say exactly where I’ll be because I’ve found that when I try to plan my life it turns out nothing like I thought it’d be. However, I can say that in the next few years I hope to be taking my camera on new adventures doing both commercial and portrait work, meeting new people, and smiling a lot."

Make sure to check out his Facebook page.

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wonder why the cross is the only thing out of focus in the picture of the couple outside the church...


Odds are he blurred out the cross explicitly because he wanted you to bring a religious debate into his photograph of a couple. Since that's exactly what's the most important thing here. -_-

Awesome photographer. Very versatile shooter. Thanks for posting!

Great work! For anyone interested in seeing more inspiring senior portraiture, check out Amanda Holloway and her blog.

Great photographer and talent at such a young age. Im jealous. haha. Fantastic work. I like these kinds of posts, they inspire to continue doing what I love.

Awesome! Really free of any conventions, wish more photographers would let loose of the status quo like that...

Middle shot with the red dress, and second to last, floating girl. Wow. Top quality work. 

Wyn is an amazingly charismatic person who is so invested in each person and event that he photographs that you can't help but genuinely love him. He did my daughter's wedding with such forethought and care. He is undoubtedly talented only showing the tip of his creativity!

Very cool.

I love this man. That is all.