This isn't a Picture of Michael Jackson

This isn't a Picture of Michael Jackson

Chris Buck's work often has a humorous side to it. He has an upcoming book called "Presence: The Invisible Portrait." In it you will find environmental portraits of celebrities. However, the celebrities themselves are hiding from the camera, nowhere to be seen. In the same vein, these celebrity portraits are also missing the celebrities. They are from Buck's series called Isn't. Which of these lookalike portraits could have fooled you?

Paul Cooper isn't Bill Gates

Tiffany Claus isn't Angelina Jolie

Pavel Sfera isn't Bono

Brent Mendenhall isn't George W. Bush

Jeremy Stritzinger isn't Justin Timberlake

Chris America isn't Madonna

Edward Moss isn't Michael Jackson

Caroline Hodge isn't Oprah Winfrey

Rob Bessent isn't Pope Benedict XVI

Howie Slater isn't Steven Spielberg

Stuart Rigby isn't Tom Cruise

Via: NPR

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Anthony Chopin's picture

Wow those are surprisingly well done!

Everyone of these culd have fooled me, except the last one. Tom Cruise, really? I don't see any resemblence what so ever.
A smart thing to do in order to attract more clients would be to shoot awesome pictures of "celebraties" like this, but don't tell anyone they are lookalikes. Real sneaky like.

You don't see ay resemblance to Tom Cruise, really? His smile is identical!

Bono Oprah are defiantly the best, Bill gates well done too

Kathy Esterhuysen's picture

The last one is what you would get if Tom Cruise and Liam Neeson had a child.

Allan Gichigi's picture

I am having a hard time believing that is not Bono!