Life-Style Behind The Scenes With Mary Fredericks

Hello Fstoppers, a few days ago I did a life-style shoot with Mary for fun. Decided to bring along an assistant, second photographer and videographer. Just went out for a day of fun and shooting. This is the behind the scenes video for that shoot along with the final shots.

In this shoot, I was shooting with the Canon 5D Mark ii, Sigma 35 1.4, 43" Wescott Apollo ORB and Pixel King wireless transmitters.

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clean and stunning! :)

Nice !

Nice - looked like a lot of fun. Where was it?

Good job, i like this colors! What kind of flash unit do you use in this photo shoot?

Great pictures. But what about private property...?

See the video is was afraid there wasn't going to be much variation in the end results.
But, it turned out pretty cool shots! The color tuning on the final results adds a good mood to it.

Well done.

@Bazo, I guess a speed-light cause I ain't seeing a battery pack going around the light holder.

Yes, you have right! It is Westcott 43" Apollo Orb Speedlite Kit :) I saw this when I click link in description about gear.

great shots, but I don't understand this whole slumped over, distorted body pose thing. I don't find it particularly appealing. Seems to be a bit of a trend?

Really nice

I love this beautifully simple approach as well as the excellent results. If you liked this you will probably like this one:


So good!

What was the flash used, because i saw pictures shot at 1/4000 even at 1/8000 and with the softbox i don't know if it can make such an use?

 According to the link at the top to the triggers he uses they support ettl so I assume that means they do high speed sync.

Love it Chris! Mary has amazing eyes!

Just great work by all! Thanks for sharing.

Excellent photo shooting and a very beautiful model! :)

Loving the simplicity of your setup on the day of your shoot. Just goes to show you don't need loads of kit to make good pictures

Muy bueno.

How come the softbox was present even when it wasn't being used? Unless there's some mystical triggering mechanism attached, there was absolutely no way the speedlight was being fired at 1:30 (and various other points) by anything short of telekinesis.