"Lonely Window" Series Explores the Rapture of Solitude in the Digital Age

Photographer Julien Mauve’s series “Lonely Window” serves as a representation of the changes in our relationships with each other and the outside world as digital media becomes increasingly prevalent. “Through its digital twilight glow, the screen becomes a window, opening to a new world while simultaneously introducing a new kind of loneliness.”

The series features men and women lit from beneath by a glow representing that of a screen. Entranced by the content in front of them, the subjects appear intently concentrated, yet absent from the physical reality around them. Screens pictured in domestic settings evoke a sense of an invasion of digital technology into every corner of a home- from couch, to dinner table, to bed.




Mauve is a 29 year old photographer based in Paris. He serves as a Sony ambassador. His work has been exhibited in Paris, Toulouse and Copenhagen. You can find more of Mauve’s work on his website.

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I wonder if this is what I looked like when I clicked on this FB post…