Magazine Surgery Series Pokes Fun at Retouching

Magazine Surgery Series Pokes Fun at Retouching

In a recent new creative series, Metra Bruno and Laurence Jeanson take on the struggles of finding retouchers and makeup artist for their shoots by simply reusing previous peoples work and scotch tape. With ideas this creative, we can expect to see makeup artists and high end retouchers, such as our resident Pratik Naik in the unemployment line any day now.

Often, we read articles that expose the threats to the photographers career. 4K video cameras, CGI, and everything else is working hard to take over our occupation. So imagine my relief, as a photographer, to see a couple of photographers finally fighting back. Model got a lazy eye? No problem...a quick roll of tape and this ad from Vogue will fix that. Gapped tooth? Thank god for this Colgate ad I found. Content aware fill no doing a good job fixing those blemishes? Well, good thing I cut out this cheek from a L'Oréal ad. Photographers rejoice, with this new technique, those last minute Make Up Artist cancellations and retouching fees are now a thing of the past!



In all seriousness, this is a creative series, while poking fun at our ridiculous standard of beauty.

[via Wall To Watch]

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Pratik Naik's picture

I am so doing this for Halloween this year!

Anto de Chav's picture

These images have been retouched... lol

phillip evanesce's picture

That was 3 minutes that I'll never get back.

Isis Charise's picture

It's a fantastic idea... but a bit disappointing that the project is purely about retouching... rather it could have been approached on a much deeper level looking at self esteem... body image etc.

keka_mm's picture

It's not purely about retouching (at all), even though this article makes it seem like it is. Check out the artists' own statement here:

edd's picture

Dumb as fuck.

David Liang's picture

This article is what's stupid and wrong on so many levels. The photos are fun this articles interpretation is not. "Fighting Back" "Working Hard to Take Over our Occupation"? This isn't an us against them situation.
I'm was an animation student and now a full time photographer, CGI CAN'T replace photography, what do you think we use as reference to create a CG world? Where do we get our textures from, how do we create life like shaders, shape dynamics, photon spread patterns? We reference life. That's part of the reason many animators are photographers.
Get your head out of this us against them thing. Life's Darwinian get USED to it.
"It's not the strongest or the smartest of the species that survives, but the one most capable of adaptation" - Dawin.

Bitching isn't adaptation.

Zach Sutton's picture

Its humor.

Stop taking life so seriously.

Daniel Yu Suzuki's picture

I love this series. Especially the black man with the white guys face.

fugly but tons of creativity!!!!!!!!

Andrew Hughes's picture

If clients had a choice between looking like a frankenstein or being retouched to look better... guess which one they'd pick. Those make me cringe. ha ha