Mesmerizing Project Of a Spinning Girl In Still Photos

Mesmerizing Project Of a Spinning Girl In Still Photos

Rrrrrrrroll is a photo/gif-animation project made by few friends based in Japan. Each week they post 2 new animations, and in each image at least one thing is spinning around: sometimes its the person, sometimes its the table or just a hat. The final results are mesmerizing. Not only the photos can stand alone as still photos and are very well done, but adding the moving factor makes it hard to take your eyes off it.

via Colossal

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David Arthur's picture

interesting, but why?

cuz it's interesting?

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Very Interesting !!! Would love to see their prossess

Interesting indeed. Yet, pretty creepy. 

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Interesting, this is very similar to a project that I'm working on.

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This is kinda freaking me out. In a good way. 

Given that these are gifs and therefore web resolution, make 'em on your iPad:

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GIF files don't have to be web resolution, they can be any size you want. They do need to be index color, and if you're using images from disparate sources, you first need to combine them in one 24-bit image and then dither down to index color together. If you have a wide color variance between source images, you're going to get a lot of creeping posterization noise, so you may need the tweak some of the images in 24-bit to blend better into the index space. Notice the muted colors in these images, this is a good way to minimize posterization noise.

Yes, muting everything helps when 256 colors only goes so far! The gif format technically go as large as you want, but you will be viewing it on a monitor if you are watching an animation. "Web resolution" is perhaps a bit of a misnomer, but that is what I would consider anything under ~2mp. I think gifs would be inappropriate for anything "print resolution" - as we are talking a detailed-as-possible jpg/tiff (image) or vector (logo). 

have seen the same idea 4 years ago from a german photographer....

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This is neat. :) HEHE

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love cinemagraphs :)

Where is BTS content? You've posted the content, I want to read interview/article/how to. I can find the content myself. I thought this is BTS site, not a content site.

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Making animated GIFs isn't rocket science, it's pretty easy to do and is quite old hat to boot. GIFs, animated or otherwise, were big back in the 90s.

I know, but want to see them taking those photos. The BTS thing, not gif animation.

You can make something similar using the Cinemagram app for iPhone.

It's awesome

I really feel like the quality of content on F-stoppers in going down :

Agree. These photos are just interesting, not even inspiring.

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how you print that? LOL