Michael Jason Enriquez Turns Celebrities into L.A. Styled Cholas

Michael Jason Enriquez Turns Celebrities into L.A. Styled Cholas

I’m half Mexican, and if you’re anything like me, you celebrated Cinco de Mayo a few days ago by watching some of your favorite Mexican American films from the ‘80s & ‘90s and eventually made your way to Allison Anders’ 1994 classic, Mi Vida Loca – falling in love all over again with the tough yet endearing cholas, Mousie and Sad Girl. Thanks to artist Michael Jason Enriquez, my inner 16 year old is crushing pretty hard over all the celebrities he has Cholafied. (I'm looking your way Amy Poehler!)

Michael explains all about it at his website.

"Cholafied comes from the mind of an LA kid who grew up in the 90's. It's a throwback to Chola gangster style: "Sharpied" eyebrows, dark lipliner, and the fumes from a can of Aqua Net. It's a product of LA where subcultures, celebrity obsession, street art, and stupidity are rolled up together like one of those bacon wrapped hot dogs sold on Hollywood Blvd."

He has done some masterful photo manipulation: removing eyebrows, adding them back in Sharpie, tattoo additions, and lip definition. Even more, he has given everyone their own unique nickname to go along with the new persona he created. I really love the variety of his work. He has tackled guys, girls, adults, children, musicians, actors and even fictional characters. (SPOILERS! Zombie Shane from The Walking Dead had me rolling!) There's definitely something for everyone to enjoy, but here are a handful of my personal favorites.

fstoppers-Amy-Poehler-Cholafied Amy Poehler aka Drifter
fstoppers-Tina-Fey-Cholafied Tina Fey aka Limón
fstoppers-Ryan-Gosling-Cholafied Ryan Gosling aka Hey Girl. Orale Vato.
fstoppers-Elvis-Cholafied Chola Elvis
fstoppers-Heisenberg-Cholafied Walter White aka I Am El Peligro
fstoppers-Taylor-Swift-Cholafied Taylor Swift aka Squinty
fstoppers-Lana-Del-Rey-Cholafied Lana Del Rey aka Chola Del Rey

Michael's work on Cholafied has been in LA Weekly, the Huffington Post, Mashable, Vice, and many other news and media outlets. He actually gave the Today in LA crew "chola" makeovers too!


Have you ever done any similar manipulations in Photoshop? Which celebrity chola is YOUR favorite?

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Mark Schueler's picture

But..... why? And why are they all essentially the same?

This is an article about a guy who airbrushes the same shit over and over again on picture (that he mostly doesn't own the rights to) of different famous people, like any 14 years old does when experimenting with Ps.

I don't see the point of this...

not his images.. so he is violating copyright.
and fstopper is supporting it.....

another waste of web space...shame...