Michael Kloth Takes Emotionally Engaging Portraits Of Sheltered Cats To Help Adoption

Arizona based photographer, Michael Kloth, started taking photos of sheltered cats in hopes to get them adopted by showing their personalities. “My experience has been that quality photography is the first step in marketing these furry works of art to potential adopters. It is my hope that I can use these local animals as a voice for the millions of homeless animals nation and worldwide."

He's definitely trying to change the world through his pictures.

"I’ve been an animal lover for as long as I can remember. As I move through life I’ve come to realize that it is not enough for me to enjoy their company, but rather that I feel compelled to share my time and experience being an advocate for the homeless ones. I see that while people love their cats and dogs, they continue to make decisions that combine to condemn millions of them to death every year and I want to be a voice for change."

He has a book out titled 'Shelter Cats' which you can check out here.
















 [Via MyModernMet via Michael Kloth]


From Pratik:

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Michael Dixon-Brooks's picture

Dang now I want to adopt all those cats! Awesome photos and a great idea, these animals probably don't hang around the shelter for very long.

James Robertson's picture

I'm doing the same thing for my local humane society with their dogs and cats, very rewarding and a great way to give back to the community.

Pratik Naik's picture

That is fantastic! Thank you for doing that

Joacim Schwartz's picture

One of my old favorites from a photographer in Germany:

Michael Kloth's picture

Thank you very much for the feature! 

James - it's great to see that you are doing this work for your humane society too!  It is so important to show these little ones in the best possible light to encourage potential adopters to visit shelters when it comes time for a new pet.  Anyone interested in puppies can check out my companion book Shelter Puppies.

Dennis Monello Jr.'s picture

if that doesn't get them adopted nothing will, i want the little one who turned back at the camera 

I work as a photographer/designer for Best Friends Animal Society, and I find these types of photos extremely successful in getting our animals adopted. Some of my photos can be seen here: http://tinyurl.com/6qztd37

Richard14's picture

Love it! Definitely inspired me to do the same.

Lucy Bernardin's picture

I sell pet supplies to Animal Shelters all across the country and work with them on all sorts of ideas of how to get people back for retail supplies, as well as other ways to help the Shelters out.  I have emailed about taking professional photos of dogs up for adoption and what a difference it makes, how to photograph black/dark dogs and I can't believe I forgot about the kitties.  Thanks so much, what an inspiration these pictures are!  I am going to blast this link out to all of my contacts now!

Mike's picture

I do something similar, though not quite like this.  I just volunteer to take photos of dogs at the local shelter, the staff don't really have the time to get decent photos.  One sample set: 

Dave V's picture

Great photos!