New "Expendables 3" Promo Posters Show Lights Doing Nothing

New "Expendables 3" Promo Posters Show Lights Doing Nothing

I get it: sometimes it's cool to have lights showing in a photo. It adds a kind of "Hollywood" effect to an image, and can make a subject look like a star. I think that is what the Expendables 3 promotion team was going for, but they added lights that not only aren't doing anything to a photo, but straight up don't make any sense.

You could make an argument for some of the lights, but then there are others where the perspective is weird or the placement doesn't compute logically.

"Let's have this weird joint just sitting next to Jason Statham's cheek."


"Because Beauty dishes are cool, and stuff."



I mean, there is clearly a shadow across his right side, so what the heck is the octo box doing? At least use one of those strip boxes tossed willy-nilly through some of the other images.


You look at them all together, and it's pretty clear they were all added in post. Badly.













I think my least favorite is Harrison Ford's. Maybe the movie will be better than these photos?

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Is Ronda Rousey missing an arm?

Nope I think its down on the other side of her body. Is extrapolation a problem for you?

maybe not as fat as yours... but yes.. in a 3 dimensional world i guess she has.

Is she missing an ear and feet too?

Is Sylvester Stallone missing his back part of the head?

Mel Gibson, ay?...

that seamless tho..

Wesley Snipes isn't in jail anymore?

Yes, he was in jail for 5 years.

I don't know how official these promo posters are. I did a Google search for for the movie and found more professional official movie posters.

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Chill out. Not everyone who see's this is going to be a photographer. The only people I can see this getting on the nerves of are photographers who know their way around studio lights.
Perfect case of someone getting worked up over nothing.

And the only ones getting worked up because it's a "bad" movie are movie critics and snobs...

Action, explosion and cheeeeeeeeeesy lines. What not to love?

Mel Gibson, unrepentant antisemite and misogynist, Wesley Snipes, convicted felon and tax cheat, a whole bunch of washed up guys who used to be big box office doing adventure films and now just need a paycheck. This film wreaks of quality!

Go cry some more.

Tell us how you really feel...

Bro, not even this movie/series takes itself seriously, why do you? All it is, and they know it, is just 90 minutes of explosions and killing for a fun little action flick. No one is expecting this to be a cinematic masterpiece that will win awards. It's a fun thing, where you can see a ton of older action stars together.

The whole point of this series is to feature all these "washed up" guys. That's why the movies are so fun. As long as you don't go in expecting quality in the plot, the acting, etc.

So, chill out, bro.

David Silverman, a judgmental troll who never casted the first stone. Not that serious dude.

I'm not that serious about it. Just calling a crap film a crap film. As far as being a judgmental troll, takes one to know one, I guess.

I think that even they know that what they're making is a B-movie and, well, that's part of the fun of it. True, to your point, even a B movie can be made well and I'm no huge fan of this series. I was more annoyed by your total contempt of these actors. That's just how I took it. They've all done stuff but we can be selective when us misfits get more successful than others. Robert Downy Jr. is a perfect example of this. He may have been a drug addict but thank goodness he didn't loose his life to it before he redeemed himself. These actors are no different, even if they're making a B Movie and, even if it's successful or not.

I'm big enough to admit I was harsh. I apologize for calling you a troll. I was wrong.

overall great guys.. but you..... nobody knows you.. nobody wants to know you.

Very cool of Lionsgate to give you permission to post their copyrighted photos.

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Fair use allows use for reasonable criticism and I bet these image are relaesed for PR and editorial use. fstoppers is a somewhat editoral site.

No. You don't get it. This is a pretty cool commercial project by a photographer, that many of us would like to do. Why would you make a post like this about a peer?

Just because they aren't doing what you expect a light to be doing, doesn't mean they were added in post. If your main lights are being used at high power, and you toss in these "photogenic" lights under lowest power, you'll have a similar effect. Very little output, but the light itself still lights up.

I thought I got rusty with my light reading skills. Of course they are post-produced..!
Anyway, hell of a casting for an action movie. I'll be watching this, just for fun. Not much more.

it´s a crazy unlogic movie about some idiotic macho group having a great time killing people.. and you worry abou light on movie posters.
well who has the problems here?

... and yet people come to this movie with popcorn and a supersized soda, have a laugh go home, DVD rentals will have business out of this and finally some form of commercial success will happen - - the creativity of these images is purely subjective, an art director somewhere feels he did his job and huge sums of money passed hands - and all this happens without our critical eye and creative input.

Women and children are dying all over the world in little shit pot countries and we complain about a colleague's output. Lets move on people!

"Daywalker!" Welcome back Wesley Snipes!

Still no chuck norris! ;(

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Chuck Norris isn't expendable!