"Omey Island: Last Man Standing" The Solitary Life of an Irish Island's Last Resident

"Omey Island: Last Man Standing" The Solitary Life of an Irish Island's Last Resident

Irish photographer Kevin Griffin’s series “Omey Island: ‘Last Man Standing’” captures the calm, solitary life of former daredevil stuntman Pascal Whelan. The series is intimate and honest, capturing the everyday existence of a man who, after the tragic loss of a colleague and the end of his career, chose to return to his childhood home in Ireland.

The tiny Omey Island, measuring only about one mile square, is situated off the Galway coast in Connemara. While Griffin says its population in the mid-nineteenth century stood at about 400, today’s population is much smaller; one. Pascal Whelan is the only remaining full-time resident of Omey Island.


Griffin did not seek out Pascal; rather, their meeting was pure chance. Griffin first encountered Pascal hitchhiking, and offered him a ride. Griffin says, in a statement about the project, “During the brief journey we shared stories and struck up a friendship. We agreed to meet again the following day to discuss a project focusing primarily on Pascal’s life.” Over the next five years, Griffin visited Pascal regularly and documented the quiet beauty and solitude of his life on Omey. The resulting images give insight into the life of a man who is content with solitude despite, or perhaps because of, his wild career.

Griffin's "Omey Island: Last Man Standing" series has since been made into a book, which tells Pascal's story in detail alongside photographs taken by Griffin and memorabilia from Pascal's personal collection. You can buy the book here.

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