The Photographs That Inspired Norman Rockwell’s Paintings

The Photographs That Inspired Norman Rockwell’s Paintings

It's always wonderful seeing the world of painting and photography come together. Norman Rockwell is an iconic painter that depicted the everyday American life in a unique way. Recently, the Norman Rockwell Museum showcased some of the images that served as an inspiration for his paintings. 

The photos were meticulously composed to serve as an inspiration for his paintings. He had over 20,000 reference photographs and you see some of them below. It's great to see a comparison between the photos and the paintings that many people have seen many times.  You get to see some of his character come through based on the final paintings.



[Via Visual News via Normal Rockwell Museum]

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Derek Winchester's picture

love it. I have always said that Norman Rockwell nailed the decisive moment on the head.

R. J. Kern's picture

Mr. Rockwell inspired me so much to produce this series of portraits during a wedding (with final composite illustrated) :