The Photography Of Cole Rise

The Photography Of Cole Rise

From shooting landscapes to conceptual shots, Cole Rise does it all. His work is the type that draws you in and makes you sit there and wonder. Makes you think and brings you emotion. You may have seen some of his work in magazines, art blogs, CD covers, or used one of his filters on Instagram.

Spending most of his life behind the lens, Cole really knows how to take that shot that many photographers dreams of.

What do you guys think of Coles work?

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very nice


Looks like every photographer I've ever seen on 500px or flickr = This processing and surreal theme that isn't really thematic seems to be the 'in' thing these days

I like it a lot but it's kinda getting old, just like strobist before. Wish people would stop trying to make what everyone else is making and instead try something new for themselves.

im with you guys.. i like the work however it leaves me a little cold-its the same with tilt shifting (or rather fake tilt shifting) one person did it, it became a craze then every sods trying it

I really like the landscape stuff. Portraits I've seen before, but the landscapes are rad.

Mike, we sincerely look forward to seeing your work on FS soon. I am quite sure *your* work is amazing and 100% original.

feel free. my work has been on here plenty :)

Awesome stuff Mike and "To be honest, the more I see it, the less original it seems, and I've seen it a lot lately." :)

I do a different type of thing ( - not a pro - retired ex-Apple software engineer) but I try to be very sensitive to other people's work. Artists go through phases and may put time into understanding a contemporary technique - I see nothing wrong with that. If Chris hadn't seen *something* interesting in Cole's work I assume he wouldn't have posted it.


Great work Mike... I love it..

These pictures are great, are you guys kidding me? The work is
interesting no matter what way you look at it. True originality is so
rare, so rare you may have only seen it once so cut the "be original" BS!
It's nerve racking to hear people complain about something done well
whether you've seen it before or not. Doesn't stop you from listening to
the same ol crap on you iPod now does it.

It's not that it's BAD work. What bugs me about it is that it's a series of cool photos that have no unifying concept or theme. What is he trying to communicate? What is the end goal? That is a question I always want to ask when I see a series of photographs. If there was a theme that resonated with me and they were all shot in this style, I'd probably a dig it a ton. That's my big gripe with photos like this. They're awesome, don't get me wrong, but I don't think that they are awesome enough to stand on their own, without a series to back them up.

Oh thank God, I am not alone. I ve always felt the same way and thought that something is wrong with me :D
(I am not too fond of emo self portraits either... )

What bugs me about it is that, this isn't supposed to be a series of photos that have a unifying concept or theme, its purely just a random collection of coles work, most from at least from 5 years ago, which at the time, this kind of processing and surrealistic style was very original. 

Beautiful work!

He has been doing this for like 6 years... I heard about him at a lecture on Long Island .. his photography teacher was there talking about him.. he is pretty original in my eyes.. 

I absolutely love the deserted shack - the mid-shot horizon (breaking those silly rules so many people allow themselves to be a slave to) is powerful, really drawing you in to the feeling to *being there*. Wonderful stuff!

Pretty incredible stuff. Inspiring.

I wonder what lens did he use for the 1st and the 3rd picture. Pretty shallow DOF there...