Photoshop Fail: Retouching Academy Creates Masterfully Hilarious Edits from a Random Request

Photoshop Fail: Retouching Academy Creates Masterfully Hilarious Edits from a Random Request

Fstoppers contributor, Retouching Academy founder and good friend of mine Julia Kuzmenko receives a lot of random messages to her Facebook. Most of them are along the lines of "I love your work," but sometimes they are more direct than that. Recently she was sent a request for a retouch of a photo from someone she didn't know, and she let loose the Retouching Academy for a fun session of Photoshop Fail.

Here is the original request from the stranger to Julia, asking for some Photoshop help:

remove the cart fstoppers

In a post on the Retouching Academy, Julia writes, "Needless to say, that’s not how I spend my time (retouching snapshots for strangers at no charge), and normally I would disregard this message, but this time (thanks to the Retouching Academy team members, and specifically to Jaron), I took a moment to share the source file in our RA Community Group."

Yes, I egged her on to this one. I thought it would be hilarious if we got some of the more talented retouchers to spend a few seconds of their time doing everything they could to not follow the obvious intent of the original request. What ensued was basically the most entertaining part of my whole week.

Akshay-Sawant fstoppers cart

by Akshay Sawant

Christina-Kaykova fstoppers cart

by Christina Kaykova

Courtney-Dailey-Croll fstoppers cart

by Courtney Dailey Croll

hristina-Kaykova fstoppers cart 1

by Christina Kaykova

Owen-Tiernan fstoppers cart

by Owen Tiernan

There are a LOT more over at the original Retouching Academy post, and they are all pretty darn hilarious.

In case some of you were wondering how the original requester felt, Julia did ask his permission to let other people work on the image, and after she showed him the results, this was his response:


Indeed you should sir. Indeed you should. We photographers can be a silly bunch.

[Via Retouching Academy]

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Kinda a rip of photoshop troll, which is even more hilarious.

(that's the best one)

Jaron Schneider's picture

Oh photoshop troll is awesome. Basically the inspiration for this of course.

many lols to be had with free photoshop services.

too bad he doesn't post as much

Bob Bell's picture

Haha, great job!