[Pics] April's Best Facebook Group Photos

[Pics] April's Best Facebook Group Photos

It's that time again... who impressed us with the best images uploaded to our Fstoppers Facebook Group? We select the most compelling, best lit, or most jaw dropping images every month, and honor them with a coveted badge of their achievement. Did your photo garner the praise of your peers? Maybe it flew under the radar, but is still magnificent in its own way. Let's look at what April had to offer, and it was a heck of a month. We have more images to showcase than any month before.






Aden Priest


Albert Manduca


Brandon Hansen


Chris Amos


Dave Kai-Piper


Dexter Maneja


Duc Ming Phung


Eddie Murdock


Høgni Heinesen


Jonathan Thorpe


Marcos Peralta


Matt Tinney


Maximilian Juan Rivera


Michelle Munksgard


Mike Yamin


Paul Monaghan


Peter Hong


Scott English Milam


Thomas Ingersoll


Whew, what a month! So many awesome photos! Congratulations everyone, and thanks to all our Facebook Group members for showcasing their work. Want your work featured? Want to show the Fstoppers Featured Photo Award on your website? All you have to do is upload your best photos to our Facebook Group every month. Just make a statement with your image and you could end up featured here.

From Jaron:
Like what you see? Let us know. Share them with your friends, tweet them to your followers, or just leave a comment below. Be honest though, because we write these for you. Let us know how we are doing!

I am the voice of Fstoppers on Facebook, so drop by and tell me what you think. Check out our thriving Facebook Group as well. Thanks for reading!

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Gorgeous work!

Marcos Peralta's picture

Thank you so much Fstoppers , It has been a big confidence booster for me and my Photomates in our company ...again thank you so much.... 

Marcos Peralta 
Photographer and assistant @ LPA CREATIONS 

Great work guys! 

Kurt Stevens's picture

Chris Amos is a badass!  You should check into some of his work that he does for winding road, car magazine.  Absolutely stunning!

Awesome set of photos!
Thanks guys :D

jonathan thorpe's picture

thanks again guys this is my 2nd month in a row to be featured, and once again im honored, thanks!!

LPACreations's picture

Thank You Fstoppers! This is one of many to come!

Jesus DeLaTorre's picture

Why you are guys putting FS logos over their work?

Jaron Schneider's picture

So they can showcase the photos on their own sites and promote themselves. It's a badge. Like a trophy. 

LPACreations's picture

To avoid copy right infringements 

Some great photo's, well done guys

Dexter Maneja's picture

thank you again Fstoppers.. 2 months in a row... ^_^

Yea Max and Peter

Didn't even know my shot was on here! Thanks Fstoppers!!

Sweet! Just found this after googling myself! Thank you!!