[Pics] Modern Military Portraits on Tintype

[Pics] Modern Military Portraits on Tintype

I'm fascinated by this series of military portraits by Melissa Cacciola. As the earliest photographic processes become more and more rare, it's refreshing to see a series like this one. These photographs capture more than just the person's image. At the risk of sounding cliche, it feels as if we're getting a glimpse into the subjects' heart and soul. She photographed each of them in uniform, and in their civilian clothes.  And she made the chemicals and materials by hand. All of a sudden, I feel quite lazy.

Via: NPR


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Bad ass!!!!

awesome series! :)

Where can I download the Instagram filter???

Awesome portraits, and more amazing considering the process. Glad to see that some photographers do not pursue the ubiquitous route to digital. Long Live Analog Photography !!! Nice to see that there is still room for chemical process in the digital age. Those photographs made my day !!!!

there are plenty of film shooters out there - Flickr has several groups. 


WTF do you mean by that?