[Pics] Surreal Portraits Made with Layered Prints

[Pics] Surreal Portraits Made with Layered Prints

These images are part of a series of composites by the artistic collaboration called Nerhol. They shot a sequence of photos in a three-minute period, then layered the prints to create a single portrait. I really like this technique, and have never seen it done before. I suppose it could be considered a time lapse, documenting the slightest movements of a subject. The project is called "Misunderstanding Focus." Here are some of the final images:

Via: Today and Tomorrow


From Amy Hobbs:

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Sarobar Kasaju's picture

It would be nice to see the process.

Why would I want to do my beautiful photo's like this
Not for me

I should imagine that the relief on the physical prints adds something extra to the image. A really interesting concept, thanks.