Pieter Hugo's "The Hyena and Other Men"

This is a beautiful series of images by photographer Pieter Hugo, shot over a period of two years on the outskirts of shantytowns in Nigeria. These images show men and young children with wild animals such as hyenas and monkeys that have been trained to perform, often acting as the sole source of income for these families.

So what does everyone think? I think these images are both beautiful and haunting at the same time as they evoke not only the power of these creatures, but also the desperation of their owners who depend on them for their very existence.

This was originally posted on the blog of photographer Chase Jarvis.


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Mark Micallef's picture

I just hope the animals are being treated humanely 

Casey's picture

its a nice thought but the humans don't exactly look like they're being treated humanely...

Mark Kauzlarich's picture

Did I miss something? Why are these just making the rounds. Could have sworn I saw these many months before Chase posted them, and they got a lot of play.

Regardless, fantastic photos.

Nah, I dont really like these photos. It may be that these families make their living out of doing shows with trained wild animals, but I still think that it's wrong. It just seems like som sort of display of manhood and power. It's just another sad victory for man over nature.  

do you protest Barnum and Bailey Brothers when they come to town too?

 No, but I am somewhat of a hypocrite.

Jacques's picture

 'Man over nature'?  I thought this IS man's nature, or?

Yes, sadly mans nature seem to be more destructive than constructive (yes we build a shitload of things, but in the process we wreck almost as much as we create).

umm.. that's Hyenas, not Hyena's

Bartosz Fórman's picture

Wow! nice! perfect to the film 

★✰★DOPE★✰★'s picture

this is a love story...

I did not realize that hyenas were that big!

KGB's picture

Why is Chase Jarvis getting credited for these, they've been out for quite some time?

M's picture

I hear that they use hyenas and baboons by debt collectors to collect debts, suddenly those annoying phone calls don't seem that bad.

They have been around for a long time (Pieter Hugo shot them in 2005) Chase Jarvis is well behind the times and they are not debt collectors that is a myth, if you are interested you can read Hugo's introduction to the story here, http://www.pieterhugo.com/the-hyena-other-men/

I think this is disgusting !