Polaroid Mosaics By Maurizio Galimberti

Marurizio Galimberti is an Italian born photographer who creates abstract mosaic portraits with Polaroid film. By shooting and arranging the Polaroid's into grids, Galimberti's subjects become abstract, giving the viewer a multiple dimensional perspective of each subject.

In the video, Galimberi is seen creating Chuck Close's portrait, showing the technique used in his approach.

Galimberi has quite a few series of these works on his website at www.mauriziogalimberti.it including "Celebrity Works," which include portraits of George Clooney, Johnny Depp, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Lady Gaga, Benicio del Toro and Sting to name a few.

You can find more about Maurizio Galimberti's at www.mauriziogalimberti.it
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Sinew Eleven's picture

anyone know what that device is he's putting on the Spectra?

Archie Campbell's picture

It’s a close up stand duplicator. The model he is using is called “The Jewellery Pro II”. They are essentially just a boxed close up lens.

Anonymous's picture

Looks like just a box to keep the distance from subject the same, plus maybe bounce the light more evenly

Nicholas Gonzalez's picture

Wow. Love the effect. Now I'll never feel self conscious about whether or not I'm being too intrusive when taking a portrait.

These give me a headache.

Nate Dorsey's picture

Question: his camera looked like it was direct flashing, but how come the finished pictures look like he was using off-camera flash?

Aaron Lindberg's picture

I'm guessing because the built in flash is camera left and because it is so close to the surface that it gives each image a side light look.

Hinny Tran's picture

Love it!

Paul Davies's picture

This is Hockney's cubist approach to photography. Same medium same format. She did a great job, but can give him an A+ for originality.