Portrait Photography By Jackie Luo

Portrait Photography By Jackie Luo

As I have said in earlier posts, photographers are getting younger and younger. Jackie Luo is a seventeen year-old photographer based in Houston, Texas. She is also the editor-in-cheif of ACHE Magazine.

What are your thoughts on these?

via - thedphoto.com

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those are some incredible images.  My son is 7 years old and did his first photo shoot this summer.  He is already learning how to use studio lighting.  Did great job just needs to work on composition

By 7 year old Kyler King: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=3591695714469&set=a.35916955...

Great shot for anyone of any age but really exceptional considering years.  Hope he keeps it up :)

Am I the only person who's tired of this closed aperture look combined with a vintage film edit? Don't get me wrong... The pictures are absolutely beautiful... But that look is old already - no pun intended.

Guessing you mean open aperture?  Yes it's been done to death but it is still a beautiful look even if it isn't ground breaking. :)

no your are not... it´s the instagram virus. it´s boring as hell.

but you know why it´s is so popular..... it´s easy to hide bad technique with it. 

ah the image is not really sharp on the eyes... well lets add some vintage effect and a lot of grain and nobody will notice....

oh its overexposed.. well lets add a vintage effect, some more flare and let it look like some "airy" shoot.

Dude I so agree with you. It's kinda getting old. I've been doing a lot of B&W unposed studio portrait lately, would love to hear your opinion: http://www.bramberkien.nl/portfolio-passie/emma/

For the record, Instagram didn't even exist a few years ago when these pictures were taken! She was only fifteen or sixteen when I started following her work. I find it presumptive for you to criticize a young photographer who's pursuing her interests and then assume that her work is only created by accident rather than intention. The last photo in this series, for example, is shot in analog, not edited with "a vintage effect" or post-processing.

Hate to rain on your party...but it's all been done before. The only difference is the tech and the people.

Yeah, I know what you mean. I've been following Jackie Luo on Flickr for years now, though, and about half of those pictures are shot in film, not digital.

Yeah, this "Instagrammish" look is really tired. I'm glad this young lady is getting recognition for her work, however. Instagram aside, it's good work.

Not gonna say anything bad about the images, but the edit style is interesting, not sure if this was the intention of this particular photographer - but what started out as people trying to edit to look like film, has evolved to something else, because 99% of what they apply "film" looks to, looks nothing like actual film. Good to see more and more younger people doing portraits. 

Makes you wonder what you were doing yourself when you were 17 years old...playing stupid video games and sleeping late, in my case :) 

not that it makes any difference, but I was loading hay bales

they're very nice images,very stylish.. some people just love to shoot wide open and and add the cross processed look to the files,when its done well its never boring...

good, but generic

very much like a movie still. Anyone have some tutorials how to make do post processing like that?

Wow, there is some serious circlejerking around here on what constitutes a proper portrait. I for one thing Ms. Luo is quite talented and I love the post-processing done here -- it's not overdone, it's vibrant without being garish, and it's surreal and gritty at the same time. Just my opinion. 

I love the simplicity. The models should get mad props as well here. 

The featured image is astounding. The rest are solid, but a bit run of the mill. Not really a bad thing either, she could definitely get some paid work doing it. More power to her. 

Theses are so beautiful!