Rare Vintage Swimsuit Photos Of Geisha

Rare Vintage Swimsuit Photos Of Geisha

Rob Oechsle, a photographer and researcher, has compiled a series of photographs from the late 19th and early 20th century featuring Geishas. What makes these photos all the more striking is the fact that they feature these women in swimwear and against themed backdrops. It goes against our traditional views of how these women lived and dressed and gives us a deeper insight into the extent of Geisha influence on Japanese culture.

Rob Oechsle not only does a fantastic job of compiling these images for our viewing pleasure but along with each image he also shares what he has learned by studying this part of history and the fascinating details behind each image. I have always found it truly fascinating to see how photography and fashion complement each other in various cultures and across era's. Photography has been matched hand in hand with fashion since its very inception, however, this is one side of that partnership we rarely get a chance to see!

Geisha SwimsuitGeisha Swimsuit 5Geisha Swimsuit 4Geisha Swimsuit 3Geisha Swimsuit 2

[Via Environmental Graffiti]

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