Rock Stars Photographed Moments After Their Show

Rock Stars Photographed Moments After Their Show

"The Moment After The Show" is a new book being put out by photographer Matthias Willi and journalist Oliver Joliat. The book documents over 100 different rock stars in the moments after they get off stage after playing a show. It covers various artists from the likes of Kid Rock and Queens Of The Stone Age to people like Peaches and Gnarls Barkley. Check out some of the pictures from the book and if you would like to purchase a copy, it can be found here.

Personally I think this is a brilliant idea for a series and a book. Rock stars are interesting characters, and normally have interesting personalities which I always think photograph well. Being someone who has played in bands and toured, I can tell you that when you get off the stage you are in a completely different zone and state of mind. Depending on the set and the night you could be pumped up and ready to party, or completely drenched in sweat, worn out, and ready to get back on the road for the next show. I love seeing this side of rock stars, it feels more human to me.











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I love these. So compelling.

Cool idea, and awesome that he got access to these artists. I'm recognizing Iggy Pop, Matthew Bellamy of Muse, QOTSA and Triggerfinger (really cool Belgian band). Well done.

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really nice shots! 

last one is Els Pino, also from a belgian electronic band "Vive la fête", together with her partner. 

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holding cursor over the photo appears to show name of the artist,  except for the photo under Iggy Pop,  name its shows i believe is the photographer,   the artist I believe is Kid Rock

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These are great. they really show how much an artist gives of themselves on stage

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Very cool. I agree with the author of this post. Seems to make them less celebrity-like and more "human"

Cool idea, but if you are going to have this kind of access, why not be more technical lighting wise?

Is it me or do they seem to be posed? More natural feel would be cool. 

Iggy FTW :)

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6 comments so far and no haters!  That's quite possibly more impressive than these photos themselves!  Great pictures, great idea!

Great idea.  I actually love the lighting.  It fits the mood.

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Great idea! I just love the pictures of Juliette Lewis and Iggy Pop. 

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So great. Awesome idea and execution. 

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Why are many of them staring at the photographer ?

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love it