Seamless Double Exposures of Milan's Architecture and People

Seamless Double Exposures of Milan's Architecture and People

Lets face it, it takes awhile to get the absolute perfect double exposure. Although the Canon 5D Mark III might make it a little bit easier with it's live view, the truth is that it takes time. For these double exposures, Francesco Paleari was able to do just that. He merged people with architecture in the most perfect sense.

Most of the time when you see double exposures they're merging people with trees and flowers. Nothing out of the ordinary, or in a way where you think, whoa that is seamlessly executed. Francesco put a lot of thought and effort into these double exposures because he originally took them for a contest. Sadly he didn't end up winning, but overall they're perfectly connected. He aimed to capture "Milan in the profiles of the people who live it every day" and thats exactly what he did.



Gabriele with the Sforza Castle.

Elisa with the Chuch, Santa Maria delle GrazieMilan-Double-Exposure-Francesco-Paleari-Fstoppers-3
Gaia with a Cathedral.Milan-Double-Exposure-Francesco-Paleari-Fstoppers-4
Pietro with the Basilica di San Lorenzo, MilanMilan-Double-Exposure-Francesco-Paleari-Fstoppers-5
Cristina with Torre VelascaMilan-Double-Exposure-Francesco-Paleari-Fstoppers-6

Niccolò with Cimitero Monumentale Milan-Double-Exposure-Francesco-Paleari-Fstoppers-7
Andrea with the Torre Pelli Milan-Double-Exposure-Francesco-Paleari-Fstoppers-8
Martina with the Palazzo MeroniMilan-Double-Exposure-Francesco-Paleari-Fstoppers-9
Giulio with the Arco della Pace Milan-Double-Exposure-Francesco-Paleari-Fstoppers-10

Matteo with the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele IIMilan-Double-Exposure-Francesco-Paleari-Fstoppers-11
Mattia with the Palazzo LombardiaMilan-Double-Exposure-Francesco-Paleari-Fstoppers-12
Alessandro with the Stazione Centrale


Be sure to check out Francesco's other work on his Facebook page. If you have a 5D3 and you need help with your double exposures, be sure to watch this tutorial by Dyan Howell and Sara Byrne. We also would love to see any double exposures that made you say 'Wow!" so post them in the comments!

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That is not "a cathedral", that is THE cathedral, it's the symbol of the city.


Elliott Montello's picture

So...are these double exposures done in camera? because these looks pretty damn perfect, and to me they look like they have been lined up in P.S or at least retouched. Not to take anything away from how good they are. Just asking :)

Jason Vinson's picture

i really dont think these where done in camera. and some look like they are not true double exposures. the first image for example, the building goes taller then the persons head. in a real double exposure there would be no black area there for the building to be exposed on. like the last few images, anything outside of the outline of the persons head goes to white, that's a true double exposure.

So does 5diii have a double exposure setting or something? I like them but it just doesn't seem as impressive as if it was done with film... where you don't know what to expect... still nice though i guess

That's what I was wondering. I've never known Canon to have that feature built-in. That's been reserved for Pentax and Nikon. These are all in post. Technically "composites" not double exposures.

Ya if so the title of the article is a bit misleading... would like to know more about this.

Yeah, the 5dMkiii has a double exposure feature. That said, though, I don't know if these were cleaned up some in photoshop or not. They are incredible images regardless.

The pictures look amazing. They look like they were combined in Photoshop though, "not that there is anything wrong with that"- Jerry Seinfeld.

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I wonder if they used a white sheet to half the buildings in the field for the double exposure! Brilliant Idea if so! Here's my Doggy Double Exposure

Karl-Filip Karlsson's picture

Okey? done it before! :)

Kochar Faraj by Karl-Filip Karlsson via 500px

what's so special about them? only architecture?

Bob Bell's picture

Awesome, I'm a sucker for double exposures. Great example of the effect here

The building details magically fade away before the facial features. He could have at least faked this better. Glad our community knows better.