Selfie Olympics: Let The Games Begin!

Selfie Olympics: Let The Games Begin!

The "Selfie", love it or hate it, had a pretty great year. Within a decade the term has gone from drunk forum ramblings to being accepted into the Oxford English Dictionary as of November 2013. Scrabble players rejoice! This meteoric rise to fame for the simple word has garnered the attention of celebrities and it has even spawned customized cappuccino machines that turn your morning cup of joe into a literal cup of Joe...or Frank...or Bobby. Now in 2014 we may have finally reached the pinnacle. It has all been building up to this moment, ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Selfie Olympics.

The Selfie Olympics, or as they have been re-named to avoid lawsuits, The Selfie Game is a Twitter account that has popped up and within several days it is already up to nearly 100,000 followers. The aim of the game is rather simple, take the most extreme selfie that you can, and share it. Injuries and even deaths have been rumored, you know, because that is what happens when you climb the door in your bathroom while wearing a leotard, playing the accordion, and trying to trigger the camera with your foot. I kid you not, that is the level of extremism we are speaking of here.

Check out the samples here and if you feel like having your soul crushed and losing a bit of faith in humanity check the official Selfie Game Twitter feed for a constant never ending supply of creativity.

Selfie Olympics 10

Selfie Olympics 9

Selfie Olympics 8

Selfie Olympics 7

Selfie Olympics 6

Selfie Olympics 5

Selfie Olympics 4

Selfie Olympics 3

Selfie Olympics 1

Selfie Olympics 2

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Jamie Gellings's picture

How wrong is it that the only one I actually laughed at is the last one...?

Jaron Schneider's picture

It's oh, oh so right.

Andrew Chavis's picture

someone needs to blow the selfie olympics out of the water. I've had some ideas I just need a big bathroom to pull it off.

Nerdscarf's picture

The selfie Olympics are too funny. I'm still trying to figure out how someone of theses where created.

Jared Skye's picture

The dog in the gumball one looks hilarious. He's just looking back saying "Is this really all there is to life?"

Christina's picture

I'm sure it may be considered blasphemy in some circles, including my own family, but the last one wins. Hands, er phones, down.

Hedera's picture

Jesus FTW. Best. Damn. Selfie. EVAH!

Cameron Empey's picture

The last one made me laugh like crazy!