Shawn Van Daele Turns The Drawings By Children With Health Conditions Into Photographs

Shawn Van Daele Turns The Drawings By Children With Health Conditions Into Photographs

We can learn so much from children, they tend to have a different outlook on life. This is what Shawn has learned on his recent venture. He has begun a project called The Drawing Hope Project where he uses the drawings by children with health conditions and creates realistic photographs based on those drawings. The process takes 10-12 hours for a final product from start to finish. It is truly inspiring!

Shawn writes:

"I've learned that we (as adults) have so much we can learn from children (with health conditions or not). They take life as it comes, one day at a time. These kids face what's handed to them with grace and strength, and they've learned that from their families, who are equally strong and courageous. It's so easy to take life for granted, as cliche as it sounds - there is always something bigger than yourself or your problems that can put it all into perspective for you. This project does that for me, and has done so already for many people. I've also learned where my heart is - this project is the most rewarding thing I've ever done; using the talents you've been given to put 'good' out into the world while doing something you doesn't get any better than that."







If you know anyone who would like to submit a drawing, they can do so here:

The Drawing Hope Facebook Page:


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Laura Eliza's picture

Love these! Projects like this make me see the overall purpose of photography, which is so much important the fighting over gear or what makes a perfect image. 

Nicholas's picture

Wonderful work.

Martinvh's picture

beautiful work !! Not only the photography, but also the fact he's doing that for these kids!!

ajmills's picture

I absolutely love these! They make me smile :)

Thanks everyone!  Well, there's been 1 more photo completed (Owen - you can see it on the facebook page ) - and I have 15 MORE lined up between now and the end of August!  I also just decided to extend the kids involved in the book from 20 (I have 21 included right now) to there's a total of 24 MORE wonderful kids and pics coming up for the first book!