Singles Awareness Day - Guys Edition By Daniel Nguyen

Singles Awareness Day - Guys Edition By Daniel Nguyen

So I was browsing through Facebook the other day and saw a single shot out of this series. I thought it was a pretty funny shot and clicked on it only to find it was a part of a series Daniel did. I met Daniel in a awesome photography group called Creativos and loved his work. I was really intrigued by the series, loved the story it told with the humor and slight side of depression.

I shot Daniel a message asking about it and he gave me the low-down on the series as well as a little about himself.

"I'm Daniel Nguyen, I also go by DNuggins (People have a tendency to say my last name wrong). I started photography when I was 14, took a summer class only to take it as an art class for college, but later after learning the works from my teacher, he inspired me to take photos and I just started working in the year book, then in college, the school newspaper. Then recently I got picked up by another photographer and became her apprentice. I like to take "interesting" looking photographs. My style is aiming for GQ esque with a mixture of humor. haha. This shoot "Single Awareness Day - Guys Edition" honestly just came up last minute with a friend who wanted to hang and shoot something. We came up with a series of ideas, till suddenly I realized its Valentines day. So what would a guy do on valentines himself?

I had no planned shots, I just had the concept of what the shoot is about, and know how it is going to end. We first went through target, and we had 30minutes before it closed to grab the chocolate, and to do quick shooting. Its a little risky because we could get kicked out but we managed, and shot as many photos as we could take in one section then we moved to another. Later, what is the guy going to do with chocolate? give it to a girl? No. He's going to eat a chocolate alone in the car, sobbing for not having a valentine date haha #foreveralone. Then depression hits him, so that tub of ice-cream we bought from target, he's going to eat that in the dark corner of the kitchen. Then finally, why not add a cherry on top with a little bit from the movie "The Notebook" and well..what do guys do at night all alone in the dark? haha I'll let you figure that out for yourself I kind of want to keep this PG-13"

You can find more of Daniels work on his Facebook page!

Daniel-Nguyen-SingleAwarenessshoot2Daniel-Nguyen-SingleAwarenessshoot3Daniel-Nguyen-SingleAwarenessshoot4 Daniel-Nguyen-SingleAwarenessshoot5Daniel-Nguyen-SingleAwarenessshoot6 Daniel-Nguyen-SingleAwarenessshoot7 Daniel-Nguyen-SingleAwarenessshoot8Daniel-Nguyen-SingleAwarenessshoot9 Daniel-Nguyen-SingleAwarenessshoot10 Daniel-Nguyen-SingleAwarenessshoot11Daniel-Nguyen-SingleAwarenessshoot12 Daniel-Nguyen-SingleAwarenessshoot14 Daniel-Nguyen-SingleAwarenessshoot13 Daniel-Nguyen-SingleAwarenessshoot16
Daniel-Nguyen-SingleAwarenessshoot18 Daniel-Nguyen-SingleAwarenessshoot19 Daniel-Nguyen-SingleAwarenessshoot20
What are your thoughts on these? Can you relate this past Valentines day?
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This was awesome!  +1

hahaha pretty incredible. This series had me rolling.. with a hint of "aww, poor guy" at the back of my mind.

Great work. The one in the car with the chocolates is perfect.

hahahaha.....loved it!!!!!

Killing it Daniel!