Surreal And Conceptual Self Portraits By Ingrid Endel

Surreal And Conceptual Self Portraits By Ingrid Endel

I have been seeing a lot of self portrait work pop up lately. It is amazing what these photographers are doing. With Ingrid, she mixes her love of dance into her photography and creates masterpieces.

Take a look at her Facebook page and Flickr account for more!

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Good work but I'm not impressed. Every kid in Flickr is doing these things. 

Seems like they are not original anymore. Every photo looks the same.

Yep, kind of agree. Seems like all the good, young amateur shooters on Flickr doing 365 projects are creating similar work- even their processing technique seems identical. They're strong portfolios in a vacuum, especially given the volume, but i'm growing a little weary of the abundance of parity.

No disrespect to any of the photographers (who are much more talented than I), just selfishly using this post as my soapbox.

100% YES.

Same here, respect buy yeah... everything you said.

I didnt want to this either because I could see them everywhere.....but its so much fun so i just dont care

Young women, mostly in skimpy/no clothing. Is it for the art or to get eyes looking at it? Where's the dudes? ;) I kind of agree with Isaac, that this is kind of Rose Hardy territory.

The reasons why women's beauty is held in such high esteem is a discussion for another day. As for quality male self photography, while hard to find I have stumbled across a few over the years:

Not all their shots are self portraits but what little they have is good.

Definitely, when she started doing it, was fantastic. But then everybody started copying her. And for starters is a good thing but then you gotta find your own style.


Simply incredible!!!! 

As tyrohne says- The word concept doesn't have an s. Conseptual might mean a consequent separation. Or maybe it's septic. Photography speaks volumes, but so do spelling mistakes. Otherwise, love your work.