Surreal Conceptual Photography by David Talley

Surreal Conceptual Photography by David Talley

I have been obsessed with surreal photography lately. I know most people see it all as the same thing but to me they are all amazing shots. David Talley is another surreal photographer who does an exceptional job and telling stories with images.

"I am a 19 year-old photographer born and based in Los Angeles, California. My goal as a photographer is to capture love, heartache, adventure, and the emotions and stories they encompass." ~ David Talley

Be sure to visit his flickr photostream here or his facebook page here.

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Have a look over chilean photographer Jonathan Jacobsen.

I don't like his style but he is very talented!

Inspiring! Not everything are representational... sure, from our own individual perspectives we see things or circumstances as they should based on what "normal" is.. but on occasions we have to see things or circumstances on what they can become... I encourage this style of photography! 

As Nietzsche himself put it, 
“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”Beautiful work.

Love those Chris, thanks for sharing!

Amazing work, really love this guys photography!