Terry Richardson Shoots Jared Leto for Upcoming Transgender Role

Terry Richardson Shoots Jared Leto for Upcoming Transgender Role

Terry Richardson is pretty much the biggest name in celebrity portraiture, and his recent batch of photos of 30 Seconds to Mars musician and actor Jared Leto are really interesting. Leto is preparing for his upcoming role in The Dallas Buyers Club as a transgender struggling with aids, and Richardson did an excellent job capturing that character.


This is what Jared Leto looked like before he started preparing for his role. Crazy how much he has changed.


See more at Terry Richardson's tumblr.

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Adam Cross's picture

pretty much couldn't care less about any shots by richardson

I have to say, after looking at the photos, not so great. Not at all good. I think a HS Freshman in photography could have done better.

I don't see the big buzz about Terry Richardson, I know he has shot some of the biggest names and he has shot them in very intimate postures but he does not have anything creative in my opinion.

I see his work as a 'snapper' something you would expect from a student.

I would love to know the fascination.

I am a nobody compared to him but I don't know what I am missing in terms of why his work is so accredited.

I was more focused on the subject matter, not the photographer nor the debatable quality of the images. 

Tam Nguyen's picture

It's never about what you know, but who you know.

Jaron--"Transgender" is an adjective. Saying "a transgender struggling with aids" makes it sound as if you're talking about a thing instead of a human being. It would be more respectful to describe the character as a transgender person living with AIDS.

Thanks CharlestonDave for the clarification that nobody wanted or cared for.

well you wouldn't say "a girl person struggling with aids" would ya? it's a description of gender and there's no other noun that really follows transgender than human or person. usually, it goes without saying, and your contrived objectification is more offensive than defensive. think a little before you speak please

I pretty much lost all respect to Terry Richardson after I stumbled across his TUMBLR link which shows his history of pornographic images of himself screwing other women and transvestites which of whom I'm sure are models that he's shot over the years. The guy is a sleaze bag with a dirty mind. 

The pictures he's taken of his mom are just disturbing

Lee Christiansen's picture

I'm sure Terry is an established "name" but these images say nothing.  If you'd told me that a PA had pooed in and snapped a couple of quick shots with no knowledge of photography then even then I'd be unimpressed.

I know the art world seems to care more about the signature on the image than the image itself, but hardly worthy of a feature.

I have taken pictures of an old girlfriend wrapping up Christmas presents.  They're grainy and B/W, (therefore art...)  I think they "discover" the "feelings" of "giving" in a "materialistic world."   Can someone do an article on me too.  (Oops sorry, neither of us are famous...)


People hate on Terry Richardson but yet he makes more money with his photography than most of all the people who commented combined.
Shut up and shoot! Go find your hustle with those so called perfect/better pictures. Live and let live!!!!

So because someone makes a lot of money means they deserve respect from the community regardless of their talent? As many people have said his work is bland, overexposed and given the fact that anyone else could replicate his work with little effort (why would you want to) shows that the guys clearly has friends in high places who have pushed his name to give an advantage above many other more talented photographers out there.

Chris J. Evans's picture

Terry is a genius! Any one of you "haters" just try to get a celebrity
let alone a normal person to pose for you the way he gets people too.
The guy has one of the most imitated styles (on camera hard light flash)
in the business. VIVA TERRY

Terry is FAR from genius.

Terry's "on camera hard light flash" is hardly a unique style. People have been doing it since...wait for it.........flash was created. 

Hard light on camera flash we all know that one.  Then we learn good photography.  Just because Emperor wears no clothes doesn't mean we should.