Ultra-Realistic Ballpoint Pen Drawings Look Like Photos!

Ultra-Realistic Ballpoint Pen Drawings Look Like Photos!

Samuel Silva is an artist that does some fantastic work sketching with pens. So no, this isn't exactly a post on photography, but it may as well be. Can you tell the difference between his drawing and the photo it's based on?

Here are some more drawings of Silva's:

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The picture of the girl you can see it.. But the rest are amazing!! Of course the girl is still a great drawing, I can just tell its a drawing, where as the other ones LOOK like photos

It's Girl with a Pearl Earring by Johannes
Vermeer. It's not supposed to look photorealistic - it's a
representation of a famous painting (and a damned good one).

Oddly he modeled his drawing after the homage made for the movie featuring Scarlett Johansson, rather than the original Vermeer. Compare:


The scarlett Johanson one DOES look better though.

Wow!!! Simply sensational!!! What ballpens do you use for this work?  No blobs?

Is it amazing? Hell yeah it is. Does it look like a photo? No. It looks like a ballpoint pen drawing done by somebody very talented.

I'd say it looks like a photo - even if it's obviously a drawing (which is very apparent), the artist is copying photographic bokeh - generally that falloff or conscious decision to simplify or emit details is left up to one's brain, which is where personal style has more of a chance to shine through. In this instance, it's obvious that it's simply a copy of the effect of the lens, which reads as photographic to me. 

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the tiger is the best of the bunch.  If I saw a print of it from a distance I would've said photo.

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simply amazing! :)


Damn. My library of ball point pen drawings consists of stick people, a happy sun and puffy clouds. A tree and a house in the background. of course there is curly smoke coming from the chimney. Can't forget the curly smoke!

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Hahaha, me too. I am boss at stick figures. 

*goes back to playing 'Draw Something'*

The tiger is absolutely stunning, and they are all really amazing drawings.  Very talented.

these are absolutely amazing, i could never draw like this in my life. KEEP IT UP!! WE NEED MORE ARTISTS LIKE YOU

hello guys
there is another ballpoint pen artist from india famous as "Harimohan
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