Underwater Tango: Stunning Portraits by Katerina Bodrunova

Katerina Bodrunova is a self-educated Russian photographer who began photographing in 2009. Her work is striking and magical, often featuring subjects who defy gravity or seem effortlessly unaffected by their surroundings. The Underwater Tango series, featured in this post, is a brilliant example of her unique style. The fantastic series features a young man and woman in classic tango stances, seemingly unfazed by the water around them. The subdued dappled lighting lends a sultry mood to the series, creating a powerful impact when coupled with the tension of the dancers.

Underwater BodrunovaUnderwater Tango BodrunovaBodrunova TangoUnderwater Tango

Bodrunova has won a number of prestigious photography awards; amongst them are the Prix de la Photographie, Paris (2011), the Pollux Awards 2011, London and first prize in the Worldwide Photography Gala Awards “Color” Contest, London (2011). Bodrunova has exhibited her work internationally in cities like London, Barcelona, Seoul and Buenos Aires.  More of Katerina’s work can be found on her website.

Via Artistaday

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Edward Porter's picture

IMO If anyone deserves credit for this series it should be the dancers. Katerina has some amazing work on her website and I would never doubt her capabilities, but It's hard for me to reconcile "subdued dapple lighting" with underexposed uncontrolled lighting.

Gregory L'Esperance's picture

Right, and my blotted out overexposed face in that picture of me I otherwise like is 'aesthetically uncompromised'......

Timothy Jace's picture

it's either an experiment without knowing watching enough Fstoppers or an execution gone way wrong. Going through all the trouble and getting this is not worth the effort. I apologise if my bluntness doesn't sink in well.

Kristi Woody's picture

I kind of like the dark, underexposed look. It adds to the mood for me.

Andrei Goldobenko's picture

Having shot a lot of UW stuff myself - the lighting described here is by no means the achievement of the photographer. That just how light behaves underwater. The shots could have been so much better had some strobe lighting been introduced to the shot, would have been much sharper as well as more of an achievement for the photographer rather than the exceptional work of the models.

EnticingHavoc's picture

I love the mood and they seem well executed.
But as I always say ... Photoshop has taken out the magic of these sort of images. I go out on a limb and say they could have even been generated via CGI with no humans involved at all.