Wataru Yamamoto’s Drawing A Line Self Portrait Series Makes You Stare

Wataru Yamamoto’s Drawing A Line Self Portrait Series Makes You Stare

Self portrait series have increasingly became more and more popular over the last few years, making your standard series a bit bland and overdone. Wataru Yamamoto’s series, Drawing A Line forces you to stare into his self portraits, as if they’re a Where’s Waldo book from your childhood.

Wataru Yamamoto is a graduate student at the Tama Art University in Tokyo, Japan. In his recent self portrait series, Wataru used a large-format camera with an extremely long cable release, and simply walked into the woods taking photos. While the concept to the photos are simple in design, the nature of it encourages you to actually look at each detail of the photo, rather than glancing at it and moving on.

Each photo is taken in the Kumano forest in Japan, one of the few virgin forests remaining in the area. With the high structure of detail, and the sharp contrast, the photos could be considered nature photos, self portraits, or possibly even a photographic puzzle for everyone to figure out. Either way, see if you can go through each photo, and find Wataru hidden within.

Drawing a Line was recently published into a photobook, and encourages us all to look into photos, rather than just seeing.


[via American Photo]

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He could have used a wireless remote isn't it....

Zach Sutton's picture

He used a large format film camera, so a wireless remote might simply not be available.

I see...