"Wengenn in Wonderland": A Mother's Heartfelt Series of Naptime

Queenie Liao, a freelance artist and hobbyist photographer captures amazing photographs of her precious three month old son, Wengenn in his most peaceful state, naptime. The artistry involved in each photo is incredible. Using only materials commonly found in the home she creates wonderland-like scenes while her son sleeps. Queenie cites other Moms like Anne Geddes and Adele Enersen as her inspiration, but after looking at the photographs I'm sure you would agree that Queenie herself will be inspiring other parents to creatively capture their own children's sweet childhood dreams.

























To check out more from Queenie Liao and her beautiful son Wengenn check out her Facebook Fan Page. She also has a published book (written in Chinese about how she captured all of the images that you can order called "Sleepy Baby". An English version of the book will be released soon.

Check out the full interview and image set from this series over at Bored Panda.

Via: Bored Panda

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That's a riot! Really creative woman. Great stuff.

Saw these the other day, super creative.....my wife said "you should do something like this with our kids".....someone asked me if i could do something like this with our kids, but there is a LOT more sewing and fabric work and decorating involved in these, than there is photography....the shooting is the easy part.

Beautiful images.

Amazing and very creative mom! Any bts? What lens was used?

Ale Vidal's picture

Really? Are u seriously interested in something USELESS like this? -.- LENS??? wft.. who cares?!

I wish I can be genius like you who knows specifically how she did it. And you still took time to my useless post.

Ale Vidal's picture

You are missing the point... asking which kind of lens was used is totally pointless (as you said!) - has she used an iphone or the last hasselblad: is there any difference? She used a camera to "capture" her art, not as a technical exercise...
Watching a bts is useful to acquire new knowledges and tecniques, of course, but in this case what are you expecting? :)

Wow ..... amazing work .... amazing mother ..... lucky child.