In A World Of Bodybuilding Children

In A World Of Bodybuilding Children

Kurt Stallaert is a very talented fashion and advertising photographer from Belgium who's “Bodybuilder’s World” is a series of digitally-manipulated photographs that portrays how children would look if the Jersey Shore was on Nick JR instead of MTV. At first I thought there really was this subculture of weight-lifting nuts out there doing this to their kids, oh wait, there IS?!?! Ugh










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Impressive use of photoshop!
(that doesn't excite me in the least)

Ditto.   :(

Shoot the body builders first. Then shoot the kids  in the exact same light in the same pose. Swap heads. Done.

Someone has a creative idea, sets it up, does the work, gets it published by a recognized site. And like clockwork, someone is there to bitch about it. Likely someone who never could do the same thing because they spend all their energy on being negative. 

This is by no means world-class images, but they are lit well, posed well, show creativity and most of all initiative. 

I agree with you. 

I would add that these images are awesome (sure not world class but still worthy of being called awesome). They got me to positively look, wonder, and comment. Many are now having a discussion about them and that is the goal of any artist, not to please every hater.

great works

i love it :D 

Yes but some people are also published and popular. It's not always hate simply because it's something you haven't done. It's a critique. Joel Grimes said, "Few people have the credibility to tear down your work, like wise few people have the credibility to praise it." I like that. 

People should be allowed to say they don't like it and why. There are MANY skilled commercial photographers that frequent this blog. 

They look buff!

really cool work...nice lights :D

Nice work, a good reflection of today's society.