24 Animated Gifs of Celebrities Before and After Retouching

24 Animated Gifs of Celebrities Before and After Retouching

The debate on retouching is definitely a heated one, and none so much more than the retouching done on celebrities. Just recently Noam Galai posted about the unrealistic retouching done on the new Beyonce ad from Cavalli. Keeping the topic open take a look at these animated .gifs of celebrities before and after the royal Photoshop treatment. Do you think retouchers sometimes go too far, or do they look acceptable to you?

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omg. poor keira!

I was thinking at the exact same thing :D

is just me or she looks a bit like Sasha Grey?

There's nothing wrong with Keira. I was very impressed with her for kicking up a fuss about them filling her out for that photo, and for not succumbing to that bullshit pressure that she NEEDS big boobs. Her body is awesome and she is awesome.

At Keira's photo, I think she's confident about her body.. she had the choice for surgery like what everybody's doing. .but no, she didn't.. and for the sake of the movie (poster) it needs to be edited though.. ^_*

We photo retouchers don't get nearly enough credit. I once had less than 24 hours to transform a heavily freckled ginger into planetarium blonde Norse woman with perfect skin. It wasn't easy but it was fun.

And don't you love getting told to "just photoshop it" then someone stands over your shoulder expecting it to take 5 seconds?

I loathe it.

LOL in the 70s I used to work as a computer typesetter and the thing that ticked me off the worst was the salesmen who would give a tour of the studio and tell the client "and all they have to do is PUSH A BUTTON and they can change the size and font!" Of course if we did that we'd spend an hour reragging the text, checking for bad breaks, etc.

LOL been there

I didn't realize how many times people have the bottom lids removed. Some nasty looking people mad to look good.

hahaha that last one is amazing. hilarious!

I like how the article says "the retouching done on celebrities" when 21 of the images are women. The retouching done on men are most often "reduction of age" (Which is universal for both sexes) but with women it's skin, fat, pores, breasts, lips, thighs, etc. etc. - retouching on "celebrities" is so much more about "retouching on female celebrities".

Rebecca Britt's picture

Make me some .gifs of male celebrities and I'll post those. I added all of the .gifs I found.

You missed my point. I am not surprised that the vast majority are gifs of females.

I can't remember ever having a guy telling me to "make me look skinnier" in a photo, it's always the girls.

George Clooney actually looked better before; hey made him look like a child. I know I am showing by sexism. So did Brittany, Madonna, Nicole and the Russians, NOT!...BECAUSE of the fact they were in sexualized poses and clothes and Clooney was not.

trevor beaty's picture

I actually think Faith Hill looked a lot better before the retouch as well.

I agree! They took away so much personality from her face when they erased all the smile lines.

Dani Riot's picture

These posts irritate me. Retouching is very rarely done to deceive. Firstly, the camera adds weight. And i'm not talking about the old wives tale, but it's what happens when you take a 2D image of a 3D object. When you flatten it, it looks bigger, and secondly, even when choosing different lenses, you get different 'weight' looks (i think even FStoppers have run articles on this very effect). But mostly, retouching is used to remove distraction. Viewers are critical. When you walk up to someone in real life, you don't stare and pick out their faults, but given an image and you will rip it to shreds. Distractions are removed so what is being sold is noticed first, and nothing will take away from it...

And lastly... where are you getting the RAW files from? Are there really that many photographers and retouchers who don't want/enjoy their jobs enough to publish these files? Rather shocking.

Roman Kazmierczak's picture

Because retouchers are so cheap, many photogs don't need to know what are they doing. If the picture is taken by "real pro" photographer, camera will not add the weight and picture will look like 3D. But these days everything is rotating around the money, it is cheaper to take the picture just to use it as an entry data for retoucher.
I have nothing against retouching though.

Spy Black's picture

Retouchers are "so cheap" because most of the the work today has been outsourced to India and the Far East.

I definitely agree with you. They could do a much better job by hiring a good photographer and getting better lighting, makeup, etc . . . instead of creating an image after the fact.

While I partly agree about the camera "adding weight", it certainly enlargens certain portions of the crop and whatever falls in between, but it doesn't choose to enlarge just the belly, thighs and back of the arms, which is where the usual "fat removal" occurs. Aside from that, yours is a very interesting point of view and I never saw it that way, you are absolutely right, it does help compensate the overjudgment of people who stare at a picture and plant their gaze upon any imperfection that may occur, thus the aid of the retouchers.

Great comment!

Perhaps that's not WHY it is done, but the result is the same. Many medications are not MEANT to cause side effects, but they do just the same. When the side effect is worse than what you're correcting, it's time to stop or perhaps let up a bit. The fact is, these photos do give people a distorted body image that they cannot live up to whether that was the intent or not (including the people who are being retouched, I think. Look at all of the celebrities who are unhappy with the way the look and getting constant surgeries. These visuals take a toll on people).

The last one is incredible. You should do a tutorial!

i see no difference in the last one! Scam!!

Wow I wish I could edit hair like some of these retouchers

The last one is the best. Definitely a pro retoucher. Lol

Indeed, but if you look closely you will notice the ears have been moved slightly upwards.

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