Adobe Photoshop Has An Incredible New Feature

Sometimes our pictures don't quite have that special something required to gain popularity on the internet. With Adobe's new feature, you can make any boring picture exponentially better in just a few seconds.

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mouahaha. you know what is the most funny thing? The ad... playing after is from my company :) It's the first one I ever saw online hehehe.

I want that photo bomb tool.

Amazing how these joke videos tend to have more heart and soul than the originals they mock.

ALthough tis is funny (saw this last year) it has really nothing to do with this site.
I really hope we don't get derailed here at fstoppers ;-)
Camera comedy is great but not for the main blog.
Thats my 2 cents.. (great now I'm broke again!) 

Thank you for a great video. Hilarious.


hilarious video! wish there was a BTS on that one!

HAHA  I know that guy too!  Kurt is looking good though, I think he'd rather have his arm around the photo bomber...

Man I sure hope that's available in PS 6!

Awesome video!!

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lol - that was hilarious!

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Where can I download THAT plugin??? LOOOOL

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This is amazing. Definitely got a good laugh out of the "breath of the moon". 

Good joke for 1st of April, and this is uploaded long time ago

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Hahaha!!! this made my day so much better.

Fantastic stuff! I'm really pleased to see that we're not so uptight and caught up that we can't take the time to have a laugh... Thanks so much for sharing this with us, Lee, you've made my day!