Air Drive - Renaud Marion's Floating Cars

French photographer Renaud Marion's latest series "Air Drive" is a fun nod to the idea of flying cars with a touch of old school. A retro Jaguar, Cadillac, soft top Mercedes-Benz and even a mid 1970's Camero have been given a futuristic update right out of The Jetsons.

The cars and the photographer's imaginary vision give this series a futuristic vintage look & feel worthy of taking a peek at more of the work. Who wouldn't want to drive any one of these hovering automobiles? 

You can find more of Renaud's work at



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Aaron Lindberg's picture

I thought of the same thing when I first saw this!

Andrew Griswold's picture

So simple and brilliant! Love the fact these are all older cars as the year these models were all made it really does feel like they belong in the future. 

Noam Galai's picture

so cool

Bert McLendon's picture

That's awesome!  Some nice cars in there too!

Ralph Hightower's picture

He had me with the El Camino!

Aaron Lindberg's picture

The El Camino has lots of trunk space for camera gear. 

Martin's picture

All in these photos is genius, the cars idea, the scenarios and the colors.

christian lacasse's picture

Love the red one!