Amazing Free Textures for Instagram'ers

Amazing Free Textures for Instagram'ers

For those of you out there who love creating art with your cell phone and using Instagram to share it - I got a great freebie for you! A few weeks back I wrote a feature article highlighting the work of photographer/digital artist Merek Davis. The guy is insanely talented and in addition to creating art on his camera and computer he has also been stunning Instagram users all over the world with the art he has been creating on his phone. As a big thank you to all of those that support him there he has put together a couple packs of free textures (Mextures) to share with everyone. 

The "Mextures" (not a mispelling) recreate a filmy, grainy typically created when shooting with analog film / holga camera. Use them in personal or commercial work, the only thing you can't do is package and resell. All Merek has asked is that after you use the texture to include the hashtag #mexture so he can see how everyone is able to use the textures in their own work. Go here to download the free packs for yourself and use any of compositing apps such as Blender or Pictwo to insert the textures into your photos.   Continue viewing below to see some of the incredible artwork created by Merek and others using the mextures.

Here are a few samples of what the mextures look like before being composited into your photos.

The following three pics are composites using the mextures created by Merek on his phone.



Instagram users have been finding all kinds of creative ways to use the mextures - here are just a few examples.



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