The Brenizer Effect With Fantastic Examples

The Brenizer Effect With Fantastic Examples

If you keep up with fstoppers, it's likely you saw some unique portraits posted HERE using the Brenizer Method. This post explains that method a little more. If you want to hear Ryan Brenizer explain his own method, he posted his own video on his website. If you you're too lazy to watch the whole thing though, here's a summary with some examples.

The fundamentals to creating a "Brenizer" photo is to take a panorama portrait at a shallow depth of field (ie using an 80mm lens at f1.8) and stitching it together in photoshop. The result gives you a wide angle picture with a depth of field not possible with any wide angle lens. Check out some of these stunning examples below.











Dylan H0well


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Douglas Sonders's picture

all are pretty cool except the second one... looks off to me

Chris Ingram's picture

Roger that...looks like the sky was dropped in as a composite.

I just call it a 'media format' effect! Shoot with a 85 (Zeiss) on Full frame and make it 1.5 times as wide (Stitch two photos side by side but with 25% cropped on each to effectively give you a feild of view of a 48mm wide sensor (Medium Format width!)

The problem with all these techniques is that people tend to overuse them which results in dodgy, kitschy photographs.
Same as ugly overdone HDR images, this brenizer effect will be misused... or in other words, used just for the sake of using this effect, without any judgement.
Remember, this is just a tool, and every tool can be badly misused.

Like the picture with the baby in the woods.... that is just plain nonsense, using the brenizer. no composition, no critical judgement, no nothing, just the technique... which is utterly wrong in my opinion.

fred lefeuvre's picture

2 "Brenizer" i have done, please give me your feedbacks on it :)
+ a short explanation for the lost french readers

Spy Black's picture

Needs more scantily-clad women...

Spy Black's picture

TBH, I don't see where the panorama is. Some shots maybe, but overall they simply look like shallow DOF pics to me.

Edward Noble's picture

I'm enjoying this technique with vehicles lately:

I also started a Facebook group for the technique here:
Anyone who would like to see other examples or post your own and discuss the technique please feel free to join.