BTS: Douglas Sonders's Motorcycle Shoot With Phase One And Nik Software

Douglas Sonders has to be my favorite commercial photographer hands down. He was my first introduction to a commercial photographer back in the summer of 2011 and through his work and advice inspired me to become one myself. His images are striking, unique and always have a story behind them. Recently Douglas and Phase One, medium format cameras, have joined together along with Nik Software to share their love and knowledge of photography to the masses.

Recently Douglas shot a few members of the Dirty City chapter of the Boozefighters, one of the longest standing motorcycle clubs in the world, to test the new Phase One. In the first video he walks you through his lighting and explains how the Phase One works with its larger sensor size.

In the second video he explains how Capture One can edit both RAW files from the Phase One and can also shoot tethered and edit your RAWs from most DSLR cameras. Pretty nifty, right? He goes over how you can customize its layout and organize your images. He also demonstrates how Nik software can be utilized as a plug-in through the editing software. The walkthrough is pretty in-depth for only being twelve minutes long. Douglas has always had sound advice for those wanting to learn the craft of commercial photography, so pay attention and listen well.

If you're interested in trying out both Capture One and Nik's Color Efex Pro 4 you can now save $149 on a promotion that Capture One is having. $350 for both.  It's good until September 2nd. Capture One and Nik Software Bundle Pak. 

You can read his full post on his blog: Adventures of a Commercial Photographer

Motorcycle Club Photoshoot With Phase One & Nik Software - Part 2 from Douglas Sonders on Vimeo.

You can view more of Douglas's work here:

Douglas Sonders Website
Douglas Sonders Facebook Page
Douglas Sonders Twitter




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protog's picture

Not his best work. The back light seemed kind of pointless, that could've simply been done with a gelled strobe too, so I don't understand the need for a HUGE light like that...

Yael Paris's picture

Anyone knows which device is used to create the smoke ? 

Douglas Sonders's picture

watch the video :)

Yael Paris's picture

I did but I'm not a professionnal and don't know what is used (nor how much it could cost).

I really enjoyed the BTS tho and will give Color Efex a try asap!

Douglas Sonders's picture

look up fog machines. rosco is a big popular brand. you can rent powerful ones from camera gear houses

Dan Stone's picture

love em!

writersbloc's picture

really dig it, especially the headlight beam in that 2nd shot.