BTS Video of Day to Night Photography

BTS Video of Day to Night Photography

Many of us have already seen the amazing photographic series by Stephen Wilkes titled "Day to Night" - in fact we even featured some of his photos here in a post on Fstoppers back last August. The CBS Morning show caught up with Wilkes and did a behind the scenes video with him demonstrating his technique, thought process and how he goes about combining the images. The video, while produced for a general audience, is still a great watch for photographers to be inspired. 

In case you haven't seen Wilkes series you ought to definitely check it out on his website. Here are a few of his images below that were some of my favorites.

[Via CBS Morning Show]
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"This video is not available in your country." :-(

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Same with Sweden. The fuck?

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Croatia also. Double f***

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same in Australia - another site though that has it up available:

Same in Romania ...

... and Austria

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and the uk :(

Poland too. I suppose whole Europe has this problem.

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and south africa

and italy :D

here is the video for all countries

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Thanks dude!

So amazing!!!

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And Spain...

People outside US should go to some proxy anonymizer like or go straight to Hope this helps!

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"This video is not available in your country."... French

Same for here Singapore.

For watching outside US you can also use for Chrome and Firefox

same in canada

Same in Netherlands

And Argentina! WTF?

This video is not available in your country: Mexico