Check out These Surreal Digital Manipulations of the Four Classical Elements

Edvin Puzinkevich is Senior Retoucher at Vault 49 - a New York design and illustration studio - where his clients have included notable names such as Nike, Intel, Audi, Levi’s, Chevrolet and Oakley. One of his personal projects, Elements, is especially interesting. Edvin explained to me that he wanted to explore the idea of people being able to control their surrounding elements, and how people could change and interact with the elements' physical characteristics.

He crafted his vision using nothing but stock images with the goal of getting a natural and realistic look to each piece. The hardest part accomplishing this, he told me, was getting the color and contrast to work in a believable way. I think he nailed it. Take a look at each image and the incredible details that lie within.





You can see more of Edvin's amazing work at his online portfolio.
All images used with permission.

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Chris Blair's picture

Interesting, I like it. Thanks for posting.

Aaron Brown's picture


Timothy Jace's picture

Way too cool! The concept is fantastic!

chris pilling's picture

image is flipped on the bike one. minor detail but it made me chuckle.

Lear Miller's picture

I thought the exact same thing haha

Aaron Brown's picture

Nice catch!

Jacques R's picture

What do you mean by flipped here? I can't see anything in the bicycle photo that is flipped or inverted, unless of course, it has been corrected in the meantime.

Luke Aker's picture

The derailleur and sprocket assembly for the gears is always on the right side of the bike. In the photo - its on the left - therefore the photo was flipped.

yvonne c's picture

Really like most of these. Just a few days ago a photographer selling on the street had film shots he "mixed" that had contrasting subjects like this, all in B&W. Really want to play with this myself and see what I come up with.