Colgate's Clever Advertising Campaign

Colgate's Clever Advertising Campaign

Last summer Colgate teamed up with Y&R Brazil to create some clever advertisements for their line of dental floss. Brazilian photographer Bruno Cals took the pics but what really stands out is the creative direction the campaign took which was led by Rui Branquinho and Flavio Casarotti. Read on to see how they cleverly make you realize just how important dental floss is when it comes to personal hygiene. 

Alright so take some time and enjoy the following three pictures from their creative campaign and read below to see how they pulled it all together.




Now that you have had a chance to look over the photos, in the first one you might not have noticed that the lady has an extra finger on her hand. In the second one we have an extra arm resting on the guys shoulder and in the last one the guy is missing an ear. So what do you think? Was the add successful is demonstrating that food remaining on your teeth will draw more attention away from you than any physical defect?

Just last night I was watching Patrick and Lee's wedding DVD with the section in it that covers a lot of their marketing tips. Tons of valuable information that made me think about how I can market my business more efficiently. I particularly love when I see companies like Colgate here doing something creative and unforgettable. Have you see any other companies use a "photoshop disaster" to help advertise their products? I'd love to hear what you think of this one in the comments below.

[Via Ads of the World / Via Imgur]


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David Oppenheimer's picture

Very clever!

Second picture. Where did the arm come from? o_O

James Robertson's picture

That's the point.

Matthew Neumann's picture

lol.  someone just looks at the pictures and doesn't do any reading, apparently.  

Peter Davis's picture

The extra finger was far more distracting than any teeth blemish.

Not when there´s a big red "colgate" logo on the ad

Mark DeYoung's picture

ha no ear

rebeleight's picture

And if she had her breasts hanging out you wouldn't even see the guy next to her.

Jens Marklund's picture

The copy is a bit small for people to care about reading it.

Markal Firenzi's picture

brilliant, ingenious. woooow.

Joey Buczek's picture

Hahah! That's awesome... I like it.

Also in the last picture. The female, they either modified her lips and added teeth or they should have.  What do you think.  What ever it is, it sure does not fit.

Lord Octron's picture

So... Disabled people shouldn't clean their teeth so nobody will notice their defects?

Douglas Sonders's picture

oh wait, wrong post

Tony Vetrano's picture

Tony Vetrano
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Mind primed with the words "Cogate", "dental floss" and then seeing toothbooger, you already get what you are led to expect of the the information about the actual product. The unnecessary extra finger, missing ear and dismembered arm, are MEANT TO BE MISSED. Then our missing them is used to say we are inattentive. HOWEVER we were ACTUALLY QUITE ATTENTIVE TO THE REAL MESSAGE, which is not enough for the advertiser. Somehow they feel the need to "put down" the intelligence of their already knowledgable customers using distraction rather than truth as their focus. A smiling paraplegic with a toothbooger on the street or in our office in a wheelchair DOES NOT get more attention than the disability itself and never should.

Slre29 na's picture

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